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How to complete Shoot to Score quest in Destiny 2

Shoot to Score is a brand-new Destiny 2 quest available during the 2022 Guardian Games.
How to complete Shoot to Score quest in Destiny 2

The Guardian Games have returned to Destiny 2, bringing with them plenty of loot to chase and quests to complete. For veterans and new players alike, this event is the perfect opportunity to kill some time until season 17 arrives later this month.

On top of being able to earn new guns like The Title SMG or returning exotics such as the Heir Apparent Machine Gun, players can partake in several quests that will grant them another set of rewards, with Shoot to Score being one of them.

While the quest is time-gated, we do know what the first steps to follow are. If you want to stay updated, be sure to check this page when more quest steps are unveiled as Guardian Games continue. 

Shoot to Score Destiny 2 quest guide

guardian games
The 2022 Guardian Games have plenty to offer for new and veteran Destiny 2 players. (Picture: Bungie)

To gain access to this mission, you'll need to complete the Best In Class introductory quest handed to you by Eva Levante. At one point during that quest, Commander Zavala will hand you the Shoot to Score mission.

Step 1 - Practice activities in the Guardian Games: Training playlist

By this point, you'll have access to the Guardian Games: Training playlist. This is a harder version of regular activities such as Strikes or Battlegrounds, similar to Nightfalls.

The required Power Level is 1550, so if you've fallen behind on your PL grind, we suggest you start chasing as many Powerful and Pinnacle rewards as you can.

Some of the modifiers include Champions, Shielded Foes, and more, so it's definitely not for the faint of heart.

Reaching thresholds requires a certain amount of points:

  • Bronze Threshold: 50,000 points
  • Silver Threshold: 100,000 points
  • Gold Threshold: 150,000 points
  • Platinum Threshold: 175,000 points

Step 2 - Play the Guardian Games: Competitive playlist

destiny 2 shoot to score
The Shoot to Score quest will update as Guardian Games continue. (Picture: Bungie)

Once you've tried out the Training playlist, the game will task you with trying the Competitive mode. As of the time of writing, this next step can't be completed as the Competitive mode will unlock for the first time on 6th May.

The Competitive Guardian Games playlist is only available during the weekends, giving you a small window each week to try and complete this quest.

We suggest, as the name suggests, using the Training playlist to do just that. Fine-tune your build and get ready for the real challenge up ahead. It's worth mentioning that you can earn Exotic gear, Enhancement Prisms and Nightfall weapons. 

As we've mentioned, we'll be right on top of the things once the weekend rolls around. Check back when the Competitive playlist goes live to guide you through the next steps of the Shoot to Score quest.


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Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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