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Digimon Survive - All Hidden Secret Easter Eggs

Discover the secrets of Digimon Survive with our list of all the Easter Eggs you can find while exploring the Digital World.
Digimon Survive - All Hidden Secret Easter Eggs

Since its release, Digimon Survive has received positive reviews from fans, presumably due to its close resemblance to the original anime series or inspiration from its other games. As a result, you can expect to find plenty of easter eggs hidden throughout the game.

This guide explores all the hidden details you will likely come across in Digimon Survive. And if you've missed some of them, don't worry; we'll also break down each reference to better explain their meaning.

Digimon Survive - All Hidden Secret Easter Eggs

It's been suspected that Digimon Survive was created with its fans in mind, as it references many of the classic Digimon titles that came before it; this includes Digimon Adventure, Adventure 02, and the Digimon World games. So here are all the easter eggs that might bring some heartwarming nostalgia to long-time fans of the franchise.

Snow In Spring

Digimon Survive All Hidden Secret Easter Eggs Snow in Spring
Our characters are trapped in a tunnel and transported to the Digital World, similarly to the original animated series.

Digimon Survive kicks off with a big camping trip that takes a turn for the worse, similar to the original Digimon Adventure anime. The children are forced to take refuge in a tunnel when an unexpected blizzard appears and halts the trip. 

For anime fans, this should sound familiar to the storm that heralded the Digital Gate opening at the beginning of Digimon Adventure, which also resulted in a group of kids getting lost in a world of monsters.

The weakening of the barrier between our world and the Digital World is signaled by various strange phenomena such as sudden flooding and bizarre temperature shifts that are at odds with the current weather predictions. 


Digimon Survive All Hidden Secret Easter Eggs Partners meeting Koromon
Similar to Tai in the original anime series, Takuma also meets a friendly and eccentric Koromon.

Another reference to the original Digimon anime is how Takuma meets his partner Koromon. Upon encountering this enigmatic creature, Takuma notices that Koromon is very different from the other Digimon; with its friendliness and curiosity, it quickly warms up to him.

Koromon also tells Takuma that it has been waiting for him for a long time. This scene is similar; scratch that, nearly identical, to the first episode of Digimon Adventure, where Tai meets his Koromon.

(Un)familiar Woman (Spoilers) 

The white-haired woman Kaito accused of kidnapping in Part 3 immediately comes off as suspicious to anyone who has seen Arukenimon in Digimon Adventure 02 or the Digimon Ghost game.

As the events of the chapter later demonstrate, her startling likeness to Arukenimon's human form is certainly more than coincidental. Fans of Adventure 02 will undoubtedly feel suspicious when seeing these similarities, regardless of whether her companion Mummymon will emerge later in Survive's plot.

Meramon's Movement Action

The way Meramon runs in Episode 4 of Digimon Adventure when he descends the mountain and crosses the desert to attack the DigiDestined is the same as how he runs in Digimon Survive, with his arms extended behind him.

Interestingly, he also likes it when the player acts like a huge eater during negotiations, perhaps alluding to his role as a chef in the Digimon World games. As in both Digimon World and Digimon World: Next 0rder, he manages restaurants.

We're On An Island?!

Discovering they're on an island.
Our characters discover they've been transported to an island, just like our original cast in the animated series.

To their shock and dismay, the cast of Digimon Survive realizes that the terrain is remarkably different from that of their world after climbing a radio tower near the end of Part 3. They learn more explicitly that they are now on an island, much like Tai and the others did in the premiere of Digimon Adventure.

In contrast to the anime, the resulting panic is taken more seriously, and the cast's morale is severely damaged. Otherwise, it is quite similar to the show's exchange.

Dark Evolution (Spoilers)

Another ominous reference to the original Digimon anime may occur in Part 5 when Lopmon goes through a dark Digivolution. When Shuuji discovers that Wendigomon is out of control and cannot be stopped, his initial joy quickly turns to horror.

Ultimately, Shuuji is devoured alive by his companion, unlike Tai, who survived his confrontation with Skullgreymon in Digimon Adventure, and Takato, who survived his encounter with Megidramon in Digimon Tamers. Once beaten, Lopmon disappears into the fog, leaving no trace of either of them.

Artificial Objects In A World Without Humans

Contrast of man made objects in the Digital World
Like other franchise titles, Digimon Survive sees a merger of natural environments and artificial objects in the Digital World.

The odd contrast of the natural world with strange, mysterious, man-made things is a recurrent theme of the Digital World throughout the franchise. The new game lives up to the expectations anime fans have developed for it.

The alternative world of Digimon Survive is full of strange things, such as Cable Cars traveling up untamed, pristine mountains, desolate theme parks, and dilapidated houses with eerily functional plumbing. This place should feel very familiar to franchise fans.

Digimon Survive is available on PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

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