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Digimon Survive – How To Save Ryo From Dying

Digimon Survive is about life and death, so not all characters can be saved. Here are all the ways to keep Ryo Tominaga alive or to save Ryo from dying.
Digimon Survive – How To Save Ryo From Dying

Digimon Survive’s story plays out like a survival game, in which the choices you make can determine the life and death of several characters and Digimon. So naturally, players will be attempting to save as many lives as possible (or so we hope), but the game’s developer has noted that this won’t be the case in their first playthrough.

While we won’t reveal the fates of all the characters in-game in this article, we will explore the fate of Ryo Tominaga; spoiler alert (as the title suggests), he dies. But don't fret -- this guide will detail how to keep Ryo alive in Digimon Survive.

How to save Ryo from dying in Digimon Survive?

During the events of the game’s story, as Takuma, you’ll have a tough decision ahead regarding Ryo Tominaga, who encounters a dire issue. This decision requires you and your party to come to his aid and prevent his untimely demise.

digimon survive guide how to save ryo haru forest digital world
The scene begins with Ryo waking up in a forest with Haru awaiting him. (Picture: YouTube / safwan)

There will be a time when he’ll be momentarily saved by Haru in the forest of the Digital World. However, he’ll then slowly start to lose sanity, which sees him plunging into the clutches of the Darkness; but you can prevent this from happening.

Haru asks Ryo if he wishes to return to the real world before Takuma, Minoru, Shuuji, Kaito, Saki, and Aoi catch up with the duo, but everything isn’t what it seems. Players must make a few crucial dialogue choices to prevent Ryo from dying.

digimon survive guide how to save ryo karma system moral choice dialogue
Select "Of course, we'll help!" to save Ryo during your second playthrough. (Picture: YouTube / safwan)
  • Question/Statement: Ryo’s in trouble! Do we help?!
  • Answer: Of course, we’ll help!

Ryo will come to terms with his mother’s death after admitting he’s still waiting for her to call, adding that he feels “there’s no place” for him “in this world.” He’ll snap out of this hallucination thanks to Kunemon before the party rushes in to save him, hurting him physically in the end.

How to prevent Ryo’s death in Digimon Survive?

While he’ll eventually come to his senses, there are two ways to save Ryo. The first way is to play the game until the end to reach the New Game+ mode, as he can’t be saved in the first playthrough, no matter your choices.

digimon survive guide how to save ryo hallucination kunemon slap
Kunemon will help save Ryo from his untimely demise, granted you raised his Affinity and be friendly towards him. (Picture: YouTube / safwan)

New Game+ mode allows you to play the game a second time, in which you have to make Moral choices to influence the Karma system to keep him alive. The second way to save Ryo is when on the second playthrough, you’ll have to converse with Ryo as much as possible to raise his Affinity as high as possible.

Additionally, you’ll have to make various dialogue choices to side with Ryo and become increasingly friendly toward him. Eventually, you’ll reach this pivotal moment in-game, and choosing “Of course, we’ll help!” saves Ryo from death.

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Featured image courtesy of Bandai Namco.