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Digimon Survive - List Of All Digital Monsters And Digivolutions

There are over 100 Digital Monsters in Digimon Survive. We've listed all of them, including all Child and Digivolution forms.
Digimon Survive - List Of All Digital Monsters And Digivolutions

Digimon Survive is Bandai Namco's brand-new JRPG adaptation of the popular Digimon anime series, announced during the franchise's 20th Anniversary celebrations. Since its release, Digimon Survive has achieved widespread acclaim, boasting a massive selection of Digital Monsters.

In total, there are at least 100 Monsters that you can play in the game; this includes multiple Child forms that you can Digivolve to unlock Champion and Ultimate-level power. You'll have to befriend many of these Digimon, while a small handful merely appears in the game. This guide lists all Digital Monsters in Digimon Survive, including all Child and Digimon Digivolutions.

Full List of All Digital Monsters in Digimon Survive

list of all digimon and digivolutions digimon survive
You can recruit at least 100 Child or Adult Digivolutions in Digimon Survive. (Picture: Bandai Namco)

In total, there are about 120 Digital Monsters in Digimon Survive (that we know of). We've listed each of them below and their respective types. Admittedly, there might be more undiscovered Digimon; however, we'll be sure to update this list if they crop up.

While the list below includes all recruitable Digital Monsters in Digimon Survive, we've also included the eight partnered Digimon in this list: Agumon, Falcomon, Labramon, Floramon, Kunemon, Lopmon, Dracmon, and Syakomon (indicated per asterisks *).

All Digital Monsters

all partnered digimon survive monsters list
There are eight partnered Digital Monsters in Digimon Survive. (Picture: Bandai Namco)
Digimon Type
Agumon * Child
Altur Kabuterimon Perfect
Andiramon Perfect
Andromon Perfect
Angemon Adult
Angewomon Perfect
Anubimon Ultimate
Archnemon Perfect
Baihumon Ultimate
Bakemon (unplayable) Adult
Bancho Stingmon Ultimate
Beelzebumon Ultimate
Betamon Child
Birdramon Adult
Blossomon Perfect
Blue Meramon Perfect
Cerberumon Perfect
Ceresmon Ultimate
Ceresmon Medium Ultimate
Cherubimon Ultimate
Cyclomon Adult
Deltamon Adult
Delumon Perfect
Diatrymon Adult
Dinorexmon Ultimate
Dobermon Adult
Dokugumon Adult
Dracumon (Dracmon) * Child
Dukemon Ultimate
Etemon Perfect
Falcomon * Child
Fangmon Adult
Floramon * Child
Flymon Adult
Gabumon Child
Garudamon Perfect
Garurumon Adult
Gazimon Child
Gigadramon Perfect
Gomamon Child
Gottsumon Child
Gran Kuwagamon Ultimate
Greymon Adult
Growmon Adult
Guardromon Adult
Guilmon Child
Herakle Kabuterimon Ultimate
Holy Angemon Perfect
Holydramon Ultimate
Hououmon Ultimate
Huanglongmon (unplayable) Ultimate
Ikkakumon Adult
Jewelbeemon Perfect
Jijimon (unplayable) Perfect
Kabuterimon Adult
Kiwimon Adult
Koromon Baby
Kunemon * Child
Kuwagamon Adult
Kyubimon Adult
Labramon * Child
Leomon Adult
Lilimon Perfect
Lopmon * Child
Marin Angemon Ultimate
Marin Devimon Perfect
Mega Seadramon Perfect
Megadramon Perfect
Megalo Growmon Perfect
Meramon Adult
Mermaimon Perfect
Metal Garurumon Ultimate
Metal Greymon Perfect
Metal Seadramon Ultimate
Monzaemon Perfect
Mugendramon Ultimate
Numemon Adult
Okuwamon Perfect
Omegamon Super Ultimate
Palmon Child
Panjyamon Perfect
Patamon Child
Piemon Ultimate
Pinochimon Ultimate
Piyomon Child
Plesiomon Ultimate
Plutomon Ultimate
Qinglongmon Ultimate
Renamon Child
Rosemon Ultimate
Saber Leomon Ultimate
Sakuyamon Ultimate
Sakuyamon Ultimate
Sangloupmon Adult
Seadramon Adult
Seraphimon Ultimate
Shakomon (Syakomon) * Child
Shellmon Adult
Siesamon Adult
Skull Greymon Perfect
Spinomon Ultimate
Tailmon Adult
Taomon Perfect
Tentomon Child
Togemon Adult
Triceramon Perfect
Turuiemon Adult
Tuskmon Adult
Tyranomon Adult
Valdurmon Ultimate
Vamdemon Perfect
Vegimon Adult
Voltobautamon Ultimate
War Greymon Ultimate
Wendimon Adult
Were Garurumon Perfect
Xuanwumon Ultimate
Yatagaramon Perfect
Zhuqiaomon Ultimate
Zudomon Perfect

That concludes our list of all recruitable Digital Monsters in Digimon Survive.

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Featured image courtesy of Toei Animation.