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Iconic Dota 2 caster behind "Lakad Matatag" voice line dies from COVID-19

The Dota 2 community is shaken after learning that iconic Filipino caster, Aldrin Paulo “Dunoo” Pangan, the voice behind "Lakad Matatag, Normalin Normalin", has died after succumbing to COVID-19.
The Dota 2 community is heartbroken after learning that Filipino caster, Aldrin Paulo “Dunoo” Pangan, has died following complications with COVID-19. Dunoo, together with co-caster Marlon "Lon" Marcelo, popularized several voice lines used in The Dota International Battle Passes.

Dunoo's most notable voice line was "Lakad Matatag, Normalin Normalin" and will now forever be remembered by millions of Dota 2 enthusiasts across the globe. The Filipino caster revealed that he fell ill with the coronavirus via a Facebook post earlier this month but was sadly unable to fight off the infection.

Caster behind the iconic "Lakad Matatag" voice line has died

Several Dota 2 figureheads have since shared their condolences after Dunoo's death marks a tremendous loss for the entire Dota 2 community as a whole. 

Dunoo Dota 2 caster succumbs to COVID-19 and marks great loss to all
Dunoo Dota 2 caster succumbs to COVID-19 and marks a great loss to all. (Picture: Facebook / Dunoo)

Dota's "Community Man", Wykrhm Reddy, said that he was "extremely sad" to hear of Dunoo's passing. He further added that while he didn't understand Tagalog, Dunoo's passion for Dota and the teams was "unrivalled".

Several Dota 2 esports organizations have also expressed their grief. TNC Predator said that Dunoo's legacy "will forever be immortalized in the halls of esports history."

Team Secret shared their condolences on Twitter, writing: "Today is a sad day for the Dota community and Filipino esports as we have lost one of our voices. Lakad matatag in peace Dunoo, you will be missed."

OG Esports called on Valve to "engrave this legend into our chat wheels once again and forever" and we couldn't agree more. The literal meaning of "Lakad Matatag" is to "walk firmly" or "walk strong" and epitomizes how the game of Dota 2 should be played.

Dunoo will forever be immortalized by Dota 2 fans for his contribution to the game
Dunoo will forever be immortalized by Dota 2 fans for his contribution to the game. (Picture: GosuGamers)

We will forever remember Dunoo as an icon in Dota 2's history and immortalize Dunoo and his contribution to the broader Dota 2 community. Rest in Peace, Dunoo.

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Header image via Facebook / Dunoo.