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When Will Ringmaster Release In Dota 2?

Ringmaster is the newest hero to join Dota 2. But when will he debut in-game?
When Will Ringmaster Release In Dota 2?
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When will Ringmaster be released in Dota 2? That's a great question! The International 2023 was a thrilling display of esports talent, with developer Valve putting the cherry on top of the cake by announcing that a new Dota 2 hero would join the fray.

That said, it's only natural there would be growing anticipation and speculation within the Dota 2 community about when this new jester will make his grand entry. So, here's everything we know about when Ringmaster will come out in Dota 2.

Updated on 16 November 2023: There's still no new details about Ringmaster's release date. We will endeavor to update this page as we learn more information.

What Is Ringmaster's Release Date In Dota 2?

As of now, Valve has kept the exact release date for the Ringmaster in Dota 2 under wraps. The hero's reveal trailer, unveiled during The International 2023 Finals on October 29, 2023, tantalizingly hinted, "Next year, no hero is safe... from the Ringmaster."

This implies that Ringmaster is set for a 2024 release. However, the precise timing remains uncertain.

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Speculating On Ringmaster's Release Timeline In Dota 2

Given Valve's history with new hero releases, we can make an educated guess. After Muerta's announcement on October 30, 2022, it took about five months for her inclusion in patch 7.32e.

Comparatively, Primal Beast was released over a year after its unveiling. Though it's unlikely Dota 2 enthusiasts will wait a full year for the Ringmaster, a possible release window might be around March 2024.

Ringmaster will probably come out in
111 days, 17:06:39

This speculation is based on the release patterns of previous heroes:

Name Release Date Dota Version Difference
Monkey King 2016-12-12 7.00 121 days
Dark Willow 2017-10-31 7.07 279 days
Pangolier 2017-10-31 7.07 0 days
Grimstroke 2018-08-24 7.19 288 days
Mars 2019-03-05 7.21c 214 days
Snapfire 2019-11-26 7.23 277 days
Void Spirit 2019-11-26 7.23 0 days
Hoodwink 2020-12-17 7.28 372 days
Dawnbreaker 2021-04-09 7.29 84 days
Marci 2021-10-28 7.30e 186 days
Primal Beast 2022-02-23 7.31 87 days
Muerta 2023-03-07 7.32e 373 days
Ringmaster 2024-03-07 (speculative) TBD TBD

Remember, while historical release data can provide useful insights, they don't guarantee future patterns. We'll keep you updated as soon as more information becomes available. And that's everything we know about when Ringmaster will be released in Dota 2.