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DBFZ: How to play Super Baby 2

Super Baby wasn’t a fan favourite character when he was first announced in December, but his release has turned him into a DBFZ icon. Here’s how to combo and play neutral with Dragon Ball FighterZ’s newest DLC character.
DBFZ: How to play Super Baby 2

Super Baby 2 might be the trickiest character added to Dragon Ball FighterZ yet. Boomerang Ki blasts and stolen assists both give players lots of ways to stretch their creative muscles. Before you can start finding tricky mix-ups and neat interactions, you’ll need to figure out the character’s basic moves and tools. Here’s how to start cooking with DBFZ’s newest villain.

How to combo with Super Baby 2

DBFZ Super Baby how to
(Picture: Bandai Namco) 

Super Baby 2’s auto combo is a little unusual. It won’t give you a knockdown in the air no matter what you do. That’s okay because Baby has two different special moves that both knockdown. Most of his combos begin the usual way with a crouching medium into a standing medium.

If you land a hit in the middle of the screen, you’ll want to end your air combo with Baby’s down Light dive kick attack. After the dive kick, you can combo into Full-Power Energy Wave to take half your opponent’s life bar in a single hit.

Alternatively, you can end your air combo with a Ki blast into Baby’s Medium air grab. This version does more damage, but you’ll have to swap sides with your opponent.

In the corner, Super Baby 2 has access to some saucy loop combos. They don’t deal a ton more damage, but they build a lot more meter than the traditional combo route. There are a few different variations, but the route below only uses three moves to create a big flashy combo.

You’ll need to hit your opponent with a heavy attack in the corner. Then, use forward Ki blast and cancel it into his spinning Ki blast. The motion will feel like a half-circle. Then, use a light Revenge Driver to bring them back to the ground and start again. The previous Ki blasts will lock them in place for three repetitions. End it with a Dragon Rush into Revenge Death Ball for big solo damage.

How to play neutral with Super Baby 2

Super Baby has six different ways to send out Ki blasts, so you’ll want to lock down your opponent in neutral. By sending out varied Ki blasts and assists, you’ll apply pressure from fullscreen. 

When your opponent finally gets annoyed by all your projectiles, they’ll use a fireball-invincible Super Dash to close the gap. Look for the Super Dash and punish it with a down Heavy attack to score a big combo.

Sometimes you’ll want to whiff Ki blasts intentionally. Lots of players freeze up when they know the projectiles are about to come back. Use Baby’s boomerang Ki blasts to get close and start your offence. You can easily whiff some Ki blasts by using them right after a combo while the opponent is still down.

Lastly, Super Baby’s standing medium attack is very safe on block. Force opponents to block with its massive range then reset your pressure with a jab. It’s not unbeatable, but it might score you a combo and start the mind games off right. 

Overall, Super Baby 2 is a tricky character with lots of room for creativity. His neutral seems extremely strong, but his damage is appropriately low to compensate. Pro players like SonicFox and HookGangGod have already taken a liking to the Dragon Ball GT villain, so he’ll probably be a popular pick in tournaments.