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Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour: Schedule, line-up and where to stream

Top players will compete across three separate Dragon Ball games in this unique tournament, which features HookGangGod and dekillsage.
Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour: Schedule, line-up and where to stream

After the Dragon Ball FighterZ National Championships, there’s generally been a lack of Dragon Ball FGC events to get excited about. 

Thankfully, Bandai Namco is staging the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour, which sees top players across multiple games come together for a 12-hour online event. There's some special surprises in store too, including the showcase for SSJ4 Gogeta.

Need to get up to speed? Here’s what you need to know about Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour. 

When is Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour?


The event runs for 12 hours starting Saturday 6th March at 10am PST/6pm GMT, where there’ll be multiple online tournaments taking place simultaneously around the world.

The action will be split across three titles, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Dragon Ball Legends and Dragon Ball Super Card Game. If you don’t fancy video game action, there will also be special challenges involving Dragon Ball game producers, ranging from diorama art and mosaic art.


Who is competing? 

Each tournament will feature top players from their respective game. For Dragon Ball FighterZ, 20 players have been split into four separate groups which you can check out below.

Dragon Ball FighterZ line-up

Team Red

  • Shanks
  • Jonathan Tene
  • Nitro Bros
  • Wawa
  • Kazunoko

Team Green

  • Gropis
  • Mambalamba
  • Reynald
  • Kyden
  • GO1

Team Blue

  • GenisGod
  • Cloud805
  • Dekillsage
  • Yasha
  • Fenritti

Team Orange

  • Tigris
  • Subatomic Sabers
  • Double LL
  • Jila

You can show your support for each team by wearing their respective colour in the battle arena, where you can watch the action and join other avatars in a viewing lobby.

The other two tournaments are special exhibition events. You can check out their line-ups below.

Dragon Ball Legends line-up

  • Masakatsu
  • Thomastsai
  • Chicken 319
  • Muten
  • Wallace

Dragon Ball Super Card Game line-up

  • Poh Ann
  • Bryan Samuel
  • Hayden Kaustinen
  • John Argyrosn
  • Remi Huerta
  • Jorge Gomez
  • Diego Bertholet
  • Lorenzo Zanuttigh

What is the schedule for Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour? 

(Pictures: Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour) 

The main events are split across two separate arena channels, namely the Great Ape Arena for Dragon Ball Super Card Game and Dragon Ball Legends, while the Shenron Arena will host all the Dragon Ball FighterZ action. 

For the latter, tournaments are divided between region to ensure the best connection between players.

You can check out the timetable for the event below starting Saturday 6th March. 

Shenron Arena schedule (Dragon Ball FighterZ)

  • France tournament - 10.40am PST/6.40pm GMT
  • Gogeta Showcase - 12.30pm PST/8.30pm GMT
  • Spain tournament - 1.10pm PST/9.10pm GMT
  • USA East tournament - 3.45pm PST/11.45pm GMT
  • USA West tournament - 5.30pm PST/1.30am GMT
  • Japan tournament - 7.15pm PST/3.15am GMT

Great Ape Arena (Dragon Ball Super Card Game, Dragon Ball Legends)

  • Dragon Ball Super Card Game qualifying tournament - 10.40am PST/6.40pm GMT
  • Dragon Ball Legends Another Showdown - 12.45pm PST/8.45pm GMT
  • Dragon Ball Legends Ask! Stuff! - 3.45pm PST/11.45pm GMT
  • Dragon Ball Super Card Game tournament finals - 5.05pm PST/1.05am GMT
  • Dragon Ball Legends Knowledge Showdown - 7.15pm PST/3.15am GMT
  • Closing ceremony - 8.50pm PST/4.50am GMT


Is there anything else to look out for?

Gogeta SSJ4 is coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ (Picture: Bandai Namco) 

As shown in the schedule, there’ll be a showcase for Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta who will be Dragon Ball FighterZ’s next DLC fighter.

It sounds there’ll be more announcements too. The official website states the closing ceremony will see “announcements made from various Dragon Ball games”, so could there be more to come from Dragon Ball Z Kakarot or Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2?


Where can I stream Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour?

The stream will be available on the event’s official website and on Bandai Namco's YouTube channel.