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GO1 triumphs at Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals 2020

Goichi “GO1” Kishida asserted his dominance over Dragon Ball FighterZ in an excellent World Tour 2020 final against Shoji ‘Fenritti” Sho.
GO1 triumphs at Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals 2020

This weekend’s Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour 2020 finals saw the top 16 players compete in a grand culmination of the season, although the winner wasn’t entirely surprising.

Goichi “GO1” Kishida went into the finals as the favourite to go all the way, landing top of the leaderboard over the season and after winning EVO 2019.

In the final, he went up against fellow Japanese player Shoji “Fenritti” Sho - in what became a spectacular showcase for both players.

GO1 went up early after dominating Fenritti in the first round, barely giving any opportunity for Fenritti to counter attacks and ending with full health for all three characters.

Fenritti bounced back however with an incredible double perfect within one round, before securing another win to place him in lead over GO1 2-1.

While the bracket reset looked in reach, GO1 upped his game and managed to secure both game four and game five with ease — with GO1 clearly elated at finally winning the title.

Along with an incredible trophy, GO1 walks away with $24,000, while runner-up Fenritti bags $13,600 of the $80,000 prize pool.

GO1 wins Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour 2020
GO1 is the best player in the world (Picture: Red Bull/Bandai Namco)

You can check out the top eight below.

  1. Goichi “GO1” Kishida - Japan
  2. Shoji “Fenritti” Sho - Japan
  3. Jon “Dekillsage” Coello - US
  4. Toru “Tachikawa” Tachikawa - Japan
  5. Maddo - Japan
  6. Vineeth “Apologyman” Meka - US
  7. Naoki “Matoi” Yasuda - Japan
  8. Steve “Supernoon” Carbajal - US

Bandai Namco had another surprise in store too, announcing five new DLC characters are in the pipeline over the third season.

The first new DLC character is Kefla released on 28th February, who was debuted in a new trailer showing Kale and Caulifla from Dragon Ball Super coming together to form the fusion.

The second character will be the previously announced Goku Ultra Instinct, who is set to arrive in spring 2020 — with three more characters on the horizon.

It wasn’t the only announcement either, with a new Z Assist Select feature also set to be added to the title - allowing players to select a fighter’s assist attack from three different options. You can check out more adjustments above. 

The company also revealed Dragon Ball FighterZ will be back for a third competitive season, which starts on 26th February.