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Master Roshi’s moveset for Dragon Ball FighterZ lands online

After being confirmed for Dragon Ball FighterZ, details on Master Roshi’s moveset have arrived featuring iconic moves from the show.
Master Roshi’s moveset for Dragon Ball FighterZ lands online

We might have to wait until September for Master Roshi to arrive in Dragon Ball FighterZ, but details have already emerged online on the character’s moveset. 

After his initial reveal during the Dragon Ball FighterZ Show, details on Master Roshi’s inclusion was featured in Japanese manga magazine V Jump, showing what moves the character will have within Dragon Ball FighterZ. 

These were translated and posted by Redditor Lordlinkoftime2, confirming Master Roshi will have no Superdash along with the list of attacks below. 

Master Roshi Dragon Ball FighterZ
Master Roshi is arriving next month (Picture: Bandai Namco) 

Master Roshi moveset

  • No Superdash
  • Leaping with technique
  • Lightning Flash attack, long range and can’t be guarded in the air
  • Hypnosis technique, staggers the enemy that guards
  • 1 Gauge - Max Power Attack. Long press to launch Kamehameha
  • Mafuba
  • Meteor Attack: The Strongest Kamehameha with Max Power (bulked up Roshi)

While it’s hard to determine how Master Roshi will play, it’s comforting to see the developers are diving into his renowned moves from the show - ranging from hypnosis moves and his ultimate Mafuba.

You can check out the original pages from V Jump below. 

Master Roshi is the third DLC character arriving in Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Season 3, following Kefla and Ultra Instinct Goku

More details are expected on Master Roshi during a livestream in September, the same month the character will be released. 

The Dragon Ball FighterZ National Championship is also set to kick off in October, an online tournament which spans four countries Spain, France, USA and Japan.