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EA FC 24 Celebrations: All Moves and Inputs

Celebrate your goals in glorious fashion with our guide on all the latest Celebrations as well as how to execute them in EA FC 24.
EA FC 24 Celebrations: All Moves and Inputs

Scoring goals may be the ultimate thrill on the pitch in sports games like EA FC 24, but for seasoned players, it's the celebration that truly adds the icing on the cake after a hard-earned goal. Thankfully, EA FC 24 has upped the ante by introducing a slew of unique and exciting celebrations for players to flaunt after hitting the back of the net.

So, if you're eager to dive into the world of these brand-new celebrations, you're in for a treat. Here, we'll take an in-depth look at all the fresh celebrations that have made their way into EA FC 24, complete with the button combinations you'll need to pull them off and revel in your scoring prowess. Get ready to bring your virtual victories to life in style!

All EA FC 24 Celebration Moves and Inputs

Depending on the platform you're enjoying EA FC 24 on, the button layout may vary, but the inputs themselves remain consistent. To make it convenient for you, we've divided the inputs for both PlayStation and Xbox below. Without further ado, here are the new celebrations and the inputs required to trigger them in EA FC 24:

EA FC 24 Celebrations And Button Inputs listed below
Below are the celebration button inputs for both Xbox and PlayStation players. (Picture: EA Sports)

EA FC 24: New Celebrations and Inputs on PlayStation

  • Faking It: L2 + flick R3 left twice.
  • Bye: L1 + R3.
  • Rock On: L2 + R3.
  • All Ears: L1 + Triangle.
  • Think: L2 + double-tap Square.
  • Penguin: R1 + rotate R3.
  • Ronaldo’s Nap: X (only as Ronaldo).
  • Rashford’s Signature: X (only as Rashford).
  • Ashley Barnes’ Signature: X (only as Barnes).

EA FC 24: New Celebrations and Inputs on Xbox

  • Faking It: LT + flick RS left twice.
  • Bye: LB + RS.
  • Rock On: LT + RS.
  • All Ears: LB + Y.
  • Think: LT + double-tap X.
  • Penguin: RB + rotate RS.
  • Ronaldo’s Nap: A (only as Ronaldo).
  • Rashford’s Signature: X (only as Rashford).
  • Ashley Barnes’ Signature: X (only as Barnes).

It's worth noting that the "Think" celebration is versatile and can be performed by all players, but it's Rashford's signature move, so it's especially convenient to execute with him. Additionally, the "Penguin" celebration is an exclusive unlockable through the Clubs mode for your pro player.

EA FC 24 Celebrations And Button Inputs More to come
More celebrations are likely to be added, so be sure to keep your eye on this page for more in the future. (Picture: EA Sports)

Furthermore, if you have favorite classic celebrations from previous versions of the game, you'll be delighted to know that those iconic moves remain unchanged in EA FC 24. You can continue to perform those familiar celebrations that you know and love.

In addition to the new celebrations, EA Sports has introduced some spontaneous last-minute goal celebrations. While you can't manually trigger these, you can prompt them to occur by directing your player towards your coach or the corner of the field after scoring a late goal. If EA Sports updates these to become manual celebrations, we'll be sure to update our listing accordingly.

So there you have it—a quick and comprehensive breakdown of all the goal celebrations and how to perform them in EA FC 24. As mentioned previously, if any new celebrations are added or removed in future updates, we'll keep this article up to date. We'll see you all on the pitch!