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EA FC 24 Release Time Countdown: When Does EA FC 24 Go Live In My Region?

EA FC 24 is almost here. We've listed all the times it'll release in each region, for both early access and standard release.
EA FC 24 Release Time Countdown: When Does EA FC 24 Go Live In My Region?
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With EA dropping the FIFA title for the first time, a new football game is set to take its place — EA Sports FC 24. Aiming to keep everything that players have grown to love about FIFA, including Ultimate Team, EA FC 24 will be a natural progression for fans of the sport. 

There are two release dates to be aware of when it comes to EA FC 24: standard release and early access. The date and time that you'll be able to play EA FC 24 will depend on which version of the game you've pre-ordered or intend to purchase. Below, provide a countdown for each edition's release time, as well as list all of the live times for the global regions.

EA FC 24 Early Access Release Time Countdown

Get ready to take your first steps on the pitch in EA FC 24. (Picture: EA)

If you've pre-ordered EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition, you'll receive up to seven days early access. Given that the standard edition of EA FC 24 launches on September 29, 2023, Ultimate Edition owners will be able to play from September 22, 2023. Depending on your region, EA FC 24 will go live in early access at these times: 

  • 9 P.M. PT (September 21)
  • 12 A.M. ET
  • 1 A.M. BRT
  • 5 A.M. BST
EA FC 24 Early Access Launch Time

Given that this is an early access period, rather than a blanket global release, the access times are dependent on your region. Those in the US on PT time will be able to access the game at 9 P.M. on Sept. 21. While those on ET and BST time will access it on Sept. 22.

EA FC 24 Global Release Time Countdown

If you've pre-ordered ES Sports FC 24 Standard Edition, or are planning on purchasing the game on day one, then you can expect the game to go live at these times:

  • 12 A.M. (midnight) September 29, 2023: All Regions

Thankfully, there's not much to think about. Regardless of your region, EA FC 24 will go live at 12 a.m. (midnight) local time. To help you keep tabs, we've provided a countdown:

EA FC 24 Global Release Launch Time

That's all you need to know about the release times for EA Sports FC 24, for both early access and global releases. Looking for more info ahead of launch? Check out our guides for FC Points and transferring FUT Points.