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EA Sports FC 24 Curved Lob Pass: How To Do it

Get behind the defenders and attack your opposition with our guide on how to do the curved lob pass in EA Sports FC 24.
EA Sports FC 24 Curved Lob Pass: How To Do it

In the quest for victory and scoring goals in EA Sports FC 24, players must acquaint themselves with the game's diverse passing mechanics and techniques, and among them, the Curved Lob Pass is undeniably one of the most crucial. This pass empowers you to break through any defense and maintain ball possession, making it an invaluable skill to incorporate into your gameplay.

But how exactly can you execute it, and when should you deploy this technique in your matches? You won't have to ponder these questions much longer because this guide has got you covered. Below, you'll discover a comprehensive breakdown of how to perform the Curved Lob Pass in EA Sports FC 24, along with insights on when it's best employed to position yourself for scoring goals.

EA Sports FC 24 - How To Do a Curved Lob Pass

The curved lob pass is a highly effective technique for bypassing defenders and advancing the ball toward the box, making it a crucial skill for your overall success. Fortunately, executing this pass is straightforward and doesn't require advanced technical knowledge.

How To Do Curved Lob Pass Steps outlined below
Below are the inputs required to perform a curved lob pass in EA Sports FC 24. (Picture: EA Sports)

To perform a curved lob pass, players should simultaneously hold down the LT+RB buttons and press Y (on Xbox) or L2+R1 while pressing Triangle (on PlayStation). When you press these buttons in this sequence, the player in control of the ball will gracefully arc and lob it into the air, aiming for a teammate making a forward run.

We anticipate that the curved lob pass will gain widespread popularity across all game modes. Similar to previous FIFA titles, lofted passing is often used to exploit defensive lines. There's a strong likelihood that the curved lob pass will establish itself as a dominant strategy in the early meta of EA Sports FC 24 moves.

How To Do Curved Lob Pass Worth practicing
It's worth practicing the curved lob pass for attacking and repositioning your squad when things get hot. (Picture: EA Sports)

In past FIFA games, lifting the ball into the air and forward proved to be a highly effective attacking tactic, offering strategic advantages for repositioning and regaining formation in the midfield. We expect this trend to persist in the newly released game, and we will keep you updated as the metagame evolves around the game and these tactical passes.

So there you have it, a quick and straightforward guide on how to execute the curved lob pass in EA Sports FC 24. We recommend practicing this move regularly, as it can be a valuable asset in any game mode, providing numerous opportunities to launch attacks and find the back of the net.