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Can FIFA Points Be Transferred To EA Sports FC?

In this guide, we discuss whether you can take your hard-earned FIFA points and transfer them over to EA Sports FC once it releases.
Can FIFA Points Be Transferred To EA Sports FC?

With EA's recent departure from the FIFA franchise, a lot of players have redirected their attention to EA's latest football game, EA Sports FC. Among the various queries fans have about this new game, one major question is whether their FIFA Points can be transferred to the new title.

Fortunately, this guide addresses that very question, discussing the possibility of players being able to transfer their FIFA Points to EA Sports FC. So let's not waste any more time and delve into the details.

Can FIFA Points be transferred to EA Sports FC?

So, let's cut straight down to business and address the question at hand. According to leaks from the reputable FIFAUTeamplayers will be able to transfer their FIFA Points balance from FIFA 23 Ultimate Team to EA Sports FC

Can FIFA Points Transfer Over To EA Sports FC Based on leaks yes
Based on some reputable leaks, it appears that you can indeed transfer your FIFA points over to EA Sports FC. (Picture: EA)

The process will be as follows: you can choose to keep your FC Points balance in FUT 23 or transfer them to FC 24 by December 31. It's important to note that this transfer might be a one-time opportunity, so you should be cautious when starting the game for the first time.

However, please keep in mind that these details are speculative and subject to change as the game's release approaches. Once EA Sports provides an official guide on transferring FIFA Points from FIFA 23 to EA Sports FC, we will publish a comprehensive guide on how to perform the transfer.

Can FIFA Points Transfer Over To EA Sports FC Based on previous games and EAs history its likely
A point transfer is also likely based on how EA has handled previous titles in FIFA, and of course due to the points being vital when microtransactions are concerned. (Picture: EA)

Traditionally, fans of EA Sports football simulation games have been able to transfer points from the previous title to the next one. Since Ultimate Team mode heavily relies on microtransactions, FIFA Points play a crucial role. Initially, players were concerned about whether this feature would be retained for EA Sports FC due to the rebranding.

Fortunately, it seems that this popular feature will remain intact, and as a result of the branding change, FIFA Points will be referred to as FC Points in EA Sports FC. However, it's important to note that a complete and verified set of details will be provided closer to the release date. 

Can FIFA Points Transfer Over To EA Sports FC Clear instructions to come
Once official news on the points transfer system is released by EA, we will be sure to give you a detailed breakdown of how it's done in the game. (Picture: EA)

Therefore, consider this information as a general idea of what to expect until EA officially discloses the specifics regarding the transfer of FIFA and FC Points soon. And as always, be sure to check back here soon for more information or browse our other awesome EA Sports FC guides and news coverage.