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Will Lamine Tamal Be In EA FC 24

Lamine Yamal is one of the wonder kids in football, but will he be in the new EA Sports FC 24 game? Let's find out.
Will Lamine Tamal Be In EA FC 24
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With less than ten days remaining in EA Sports FC 24’s release, fans are already looking forward to ways to have an advantage in the popular game modes. One of the key ways to boost any squad in both Career mode and Ultimate team is the inclusion of wonder kids. While there are many wonder kids we can discuss, we will mainly focus on winger, Lamine Yamal.

Is Lamine Yamal in EA Sports FC 24

Lamine Yamal can become an asset for your team in the future.
Lamine Yamal can become an asset for your team in the future. (Picture: EA/BCHDGaming YouTube Channel)

Players need to be at least 17 years old to feature in EA Sports FC 24. Unfortunately, Lamine Yamal is only 16 years old and can’t be part of the player base. However, Yamal will turn 17 on 13 July, 2024, making him eligible as a young talent in the game next year.

Is Getting Lamine Yamal in EA FC 24 Worth it

Yamal has earned a reputation for being the youngest starter for Barcelona in La Liga. He has bagged two assists in his five appearances of the Spanish club. He will also get some more experience with the first team before getting into the game. According to his performances, the young winger can get a rating of 75 or above.

He looks like a great buy for someone looking to advance their squad in EA FC 24’s Career mode.