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EA Sports FC 24 Low-Cross Shot: How To Do It

Attack your opponents with an aggressive shot as our guide breaks down how to do the low-cross shot in EA Sports FC 24.
EA Sports FC 24 Low-Cross Shot: How To Do It

In EA Sports FC 24, there are several passes available to break through the opposing team's defense, but the low-cross shot stands out as one of the most potent options. It can provide you with a valuable attacking opportunity, even when faced with a swarm of defenders. Mastering this move can frequently lead to scoring goals. 

Therefore, if you're interested in incorporating this pass into your gameplay strategy and seek instructions on executing it within the game, you've come to the right place. Below, we've compiled comprehensive information on how to perform the low-cross shot in EA Sports FC 24.

How To Do a Low-Cross Shot in EA Sports FC 24

To execute a low-cross shot in EA Sports FC 24, players simply need to double-tap the square button on PlayStation or the X button on Xbox. It's important to ensure that you have enough power on the cross before tapping the button for the second time to make sure the ball reaches its target.

How To Do Low Cross Shot
The Low-Cross shot is fairly simple to pull off mechanically, but getting the timing and power just right can be difficult to master. (Picture: EA Sports)

The low cross is a specific type of crossing technique in EA FC 24. In this move, a player on the flanks shoots and passes the ball inside the box, allowing strikers to perform a finishing move and score a goal. This can be highly effective when you need to break through the opposing team's defense and quickly score goals.

The key advantage of the low cross is its ability to get the ball past the opposing team's defenders and into the box. While swinging in a low-cross shot from the touchline toward the posts is an aggressive move, the chances of a teammate making contact with the ball and sending it past the goalkeeper are high. This makes it well worth the possible loss of possession.

How To Do Low Cross Shot uses
The Low-Cross shot is worth practicing (even though it is challenging to use) for its attacking benefits and guarantee of getting the ball closer to the box. (Picture: EA Sports)

If you're struggling with the low cross, you can attempt to learn the lower-driven cross until you get the hang of managing the power of a low cross. The low-driven cross is slightly more elevated than the low cross and receives more power right from the onset, which can be more challenging to control. However, the extra power compensates for it and at least gets your players near the box for a chance to shoot.

In summary, this is all you need to know about performing a low cross in EA Sports FC 24. Practice this move extensively before implementing it in your matches, as it can backfire if not executed correctly. However, once you have it down, it can serve you well and lead to numerous goals in your future matches.