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Will EA Sports FC 24 Feature Pro Clubs Mode?

In this guide, we discuss the possible inclusion of Pro Clubs in the new and upcoming EA Sports FC 24.
Will EA Sports FC 24 Feature Pro Clubs Mode?

With more news on EA's new Football title, EA Sports FC 24, coming soon and the game release nearing closer each day, fans have tons of questions about this new game and very few answers. One huge question many are asking is whether the game will feature Pro Clubs. 

This feature is one of the most popular ones in Previous EA/FIFA titles, and it makes sense to want to know if it will appear in EA's new title. So in this guide, we discuss whether or not the fan-favorite Pro Clubs mode will be featured in EA Sports FC 24. 

Will EA Sports FC 24 Have Pro Clubs?

When EA Sports FC is released in 2023, it will feature the Pro Clubs mode, which might be referred to as "Clubs" in the new title (more on that below). EA Sports stated in a July 2022 statement that all the beloved elements of Pro Clubs, including modes, leagues, tournaments, and athletes, will be part of EA Sports FC. 

Will EA Sports FC Have Pro Clubs Yes it will
Based on what EA has stated, the game will in fact have Pro Clubs upon release. (Picture: Twitter / @FIFAUTeam)

Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Pro Clubs (now Clubs), and Volta Football will all be included. And while the change in name from Pro Clubs to Clubs doesn't significantly impact the game mode itself, it will still focus on having fun with friends and playing FIFA in a relaxed manner.

However, while it is clear that Clubs will be part of EA Sports FC, the specific details about how it will look and feel are still unclear. The developer aims to innovate, create, and evolve with this new series, introducing fresh content.

EA Sports FC 24 Pro Clubs Leaks

Although there hasn't been much information about EA Sports FC, several leaks have emerged regarding Pro Clubs. The most significant leak, coming from the Twitter account 'FIFAUTeam,' suggests that Pro Clubs could be renamed to simply 'Clubs' in EA Sports FC. 

It is also rumored that the mode will feature Seasonal Competitions divided into divisions, similar to how Ultimate Team Division Rivals games are played in FIFA 23. This means Pro Clubs teams could play five weeks of regular league matches followed by a week of Playoff matches.

One important aspect to note is the cross-platform compatibility. While players on the same console family have been able to play together, those on different platforms have not been able to join forces. However, there are rumors that EA Sports is working to address this and introduce full crossplay for Clubs in EA Sports FC. It's important to remember that these are currently just rumors.

Will EA Sports FC Have Pro Clubs More news to come
Once more news on the Pro Clubs in EA Sports FC is released, you can expect to find it here. (Picture: EA)

As soon as we receive more information about EA Sports FC, you will find it here first. Make sure to bookmark this page and check back frequently for more news on the status of Clubs in EA Sports FC 24.