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No Starter Packs In EA FC 24 - They've Been Removed

It looks like players will not be able to get any starter packs for their Ultimate Team in EA FC 24.
No Starter Packs In EA FC 24 - They've Been Removed

By the end of September, players should have their hands on EA FC 24. With the official release date of the game coming up, there is a lot of excitement in the air about what can be accomplished with this new title. This is especially true when considering the fact that there are going to be a lot of new players introduced to the game.

One of the most important key points of these games is players building their own teams in Ultimate Team. This mode allows players to build their dream team and challenge the teams of other players. But it looks like players might need to spend some FC Points because there will be no starter packs this time around in EA FC 24.

No Starter Packs For EA FC 24

For those who are unaware, a lot of FIFA players tend to build their own teams through the Ultimate Team game mode. They bring those teams and challenge other players online. To start those teams, players would choose a country and get a pack of players based on that region. This would give players a head start and allow them to build their team.

But it seems that has changed. There are people who have gotten the game early and they are claiming that there are zero starter packs. This could be problematic as the Web App for past FIFA games is there ot help players build their teams before the game comes out. But now, that does not seem like that will be the case.

What Will Replace Starter Packs For EA FC 24

EA FC 24 Starter Packs
If Starter Packs are gone, then a replacement is needed for EA FC 24. (Picture: EA)

If Starter Packs are not going to be available for EA FC 24, then what will players get in return? There is a lot of speculation as there are many who are saying that there has to be a replacement or players will start off with bad bronze teams. Some speculate that there will be something new called Founders Packs for those who get the game early.

Others speculate that there will be packs for returning players as well. The problem is that these pack ideas do not have longevity and a late adopter of the game will be out of luck with no packs to build their team. Some players speculate this is a way to get players to purchase FC points to build their teams. We will soon see what will be replacing Starter Packs soon.