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Who will be the EA Sports College Football Announcers?

Who will become the voice of EA Sports College Football when it finally arrives?
Who will be the EA Sports College Football Announcers?
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Anticipation continues to build as EA Sports College Football will bring collegiate gridiron action back to video games for the first time in over a decade, but many questions remain about just how that game will look and sound. Perhaps most importantly, who will the EA Sports College Football commentary team of announcers be?

As we await more reveals for the game, there's actually a recent indication of one legendary name that could be involved. Here's everything we know so far about the EA Sports College Football announcers.

Updated February 13, 2024: According to a new report from Matt Brown, "schools will share social graphics confirming" they'll be in EA Sports College Football as early as February 15. 

Who will be the EA Sports College Football commentators

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While EA has stopped short of confirming our commentary team for EA Sports College Football just yet, one of the most iconic names fans were thinking of is already indicating he could be involved. Of course, he did so as innocently as possible, but the tone certainly lends itself towards something fans can hope to see.

In an interview with Barstool Sports, iconic college football broadcaster Kirk Herbstreit was asked about the "rumors" of an upcoming EA Sports College Football release, as Herbstreit was the voice of the franchise all those years ago. All fans got was "I'm hearing the same rumors," but Herbstreit's tongue-in-cheek reaction certainly makes it sound like he just wasn't able to confirm his involvement yet.

The last installment, NCAA Football 14, featured Kirk Herbstreit alongside Brad Nessler along with a halftime show featuring Rece Davis and David Pollack. It now seems likely Herbstreit will return, but we don't yet have any clear indication of who might be joining him.

On top of that, word did recently leak out that Madden 25 will have multiple announcer pairings to choose from. EA Sports College Football could go the extra mile by having more than one set of commentators for players to listen to during games.

When will the EA Sports College Football announcers be revealed

With the EA Sports College Football release date still targeted as Summer 2024, we should start seeing the hype cycle gain steam at least two months before the title is due to arrive. At this point, a July launch for EA Sports College Football seems most likely, though we don't know if they'll tack '24, '25, 2024, or 2025 on the end of that title just yet.

If that rings true, we should see reveals picking up during March or April, but there's an even earlier event that could see a few announcements. The College Football National Championship game is set for Monday, January 8, 2024, and as the biggest game in the sport it seems like a perfect time to at least give fans something to get excited for.

That could mean a cover athlete reveal or title announcement, a release date, a teaser trailer, or even details like commentary and game modes. Everything is on the table, and they definitely want all eyes on the return of this franchise.