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Madden 22
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Next EA College Football game could feature real players after NCAA policy change

College players are now able to profit from their image and likenesses which could bring us the first such title ever with real players.
For a community that is generally immersed in the digital world, we were just witnesses to how it beautifully connects with the real one.

It’s been a succession of good news in the last week. First, the simulation-games giant, EA Sports, showed an augmented interest in bringing back the NCAA title after almost eight years since its last release.

Yesterday, the NCAA, which regulates all collegiate activities, released a policy change that now allows students to profit from endorsements, their image and likenesses.

EA College Football NCAANCAA policy has been so strict on player profiting that back in 2014 a player was suspended for receiving money for signed memorabilia. (Picture: NCAA)

If all this was not great enough, EA Sports released a statement today expressing their interest in including real players and names in their video game, which sounds like a comeback appears imminent.

This will also mean a negotiation between the developers and FBS, which seems to already be on the table as a leaked document would show the proposal made a couple of days ago.

This gives us hope that this won’t be an ephemeral experiment and we could enjoy the college experience for at least a couple of years.

It also offers four different tiers of guaranteed revenue based on each team’s relevance and it states that these tiers can change from year to year based on the teams’ performance.

Although the details may change in the light of this policy changes because of how the money may flow and get in the players´ hands as they do not have a player association like the NFL, but we’ll wait and see how the back and forth develops in the upcoming months.

Be on the lookout because we will bring you the latest on American football games such as Madden 22 from every release, news, MUT tips, and more.