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eFootball 2024 Edit Mode Release Date Speculation & How It Works

Edit Mode is returning to eFootball. Here's how it works and when we can expect it to release.
eFootball 2024 Edit Mode Release Date Speculation & How It Works

Tons of new content and features are set to arrive in eFootball in the coming months, and one feature fans have desperately wanted is Edit mode. This feature not only gives players tons of customization options but allows them to play the way they want, from the team uniforms to the home stadiums you play in.  So when will Edit mode be available in Efootball? and what exactly will it offer? Well, we have the answers for you, as this guide will explain exactly how Edit mode works in eFootball as well as when we can expect it to release. 

Latest News

Although our hub covers the majority of info available, sometimes we hear little tidbits of news and rumors. Just to keep you up to speed, here is the latest news:

27 October 2023 - Is 'Edit Mode' already finished?

Well-known eFootball leaker @Durandil67 weighs in on the long overdue wait for Edit mode, claiming it's been finished for some time.

eFootball Edit Mode - How It Works

At its core, Edit Mode in eFootball functions similarly to its predecessor, PES (Pro Evolution Soccer). It provides players with the ability to personalize various aspects of the game, such as leagues, team information, players, and kits. One of the most popular features is the capacity to import custom team uniforms and logos, enabling players to add their personal touch to the game. Additionally, Edit Mode allows for the importing of edit data, known as Option Files, created by other eFootball players.

eFootball Edit Mode Features How it works
Edit mode is a feature that allows payers to customize various aspects of their teams and the game as a whole. (Picture: Konami)

But there's much more to this feature, so let's take a look at each of the ones that Edit mode offers in eFootball below. Note that these features were previously available in PES, and are likely to be in eFootball, but not a guarantee, so take the information with a grain of salt until we get an official list of features from the devs. 

Edit Players

In Edit Mode, you have the option to make adjustments to existing players, including modifying their names, skills, and movements. Alternatively, you can create entirely new players, customizing their appearance and all relevant settings.

Edit Teams

Edit Mode allows for extensive customization of teams. You can freely modify team names, logos, uniforms, managers, squad numbers, home stadiums, and various other parameters. Additionally, it's easy to import data created by other players to quickly update your team.

Edit Managers

Managers can be edited in terms of their names, nationality, and image.

National Team Selection

You can change the players in national teams, enabling you to create your ideal lineup and lead your team to victory.


In Edit Mode, players can be transferred between clubs freely, providing flexibility in team composition.

eFootball Edit Mode Features and content additions
Edit Mode allows you to transfer players, edit your team's aesthetics, stadiums, and even import or export customizations. (Picture: Konami)

Edit Stadiums

The names of original stadiums can be edited, allowing for customization to match your preferences.

Edit Competitions

You can modify the names, logos, and regulations of competitions within the game. Additionally, you can import data created by other players to incorporate their custom competition settings.

Competition Structure

By rearranging the order of clubs in the edit mode, you can modify the structure of competitions.

Import / Export

The game offers the option to import teams, competitions, and image data created by players. Additionally, the "export" option allows you to store the data you created in Edit Mode on external media.

eFootball Edit Mode - Release Date

To get straight to the point, there is currently no confirmed release date for Edit Mode, however, we do know that it will be released sometime in 2023. This information comes from two sources, the main would be the developer's announcement on Twitter when they made note of the eFootball 2023 roadmap and listed Edit mode to be coming sometime in the Autumn/Winter of 2023, which would be between November 2023 and February 2024. 

We can expect Edit Mode to arrive in Autumn 2023/Winter 2024 according to the developers (Picture: Konami).

The Edit mode feature will likely arrive alongside the return of Master League, another extremely popular game mode that has many fans excited, so dropping these together would make sense as they would both build and draw hype for the game. But of course, we will continue to keep this article updated with any more news on the Edit Mode feature of eFootball, such as what you can expect to see and when.