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eFootball 2024 Master League Release Date News, Leaks and Updates

This guide will explore everything we know so far about eFootball's long-awaited Master League mode, including its release date, content, leaks, and more.
eFootball 2024 Master League Release Date News, Leaks and Updates

Master League has been an extremely sought-after feature for many eFootball players as it offers you the same experience as the Career Mode in the game's previous incarnation, PES (Pro Evolution Soccer). But where is Master League? When will it be released? What do we know about the feature so far? Well, keep reading to find out everything you need to know.  In this article we'll be covering all the details surrounding the arrival of Master League in eFootball, including its possible start date, how it works, leaks that have been circulating, and much more. So without further delay, let's kick-off.

27 October 2023 - We've checked for the latets news, rumors and leaks related to eFootball 2024 Master League.

Latest News

Just below we'll keep you updated on all the latest news, leaks, and information regarding eFootball's Master League mode:

27 October 2023 - A new update approaches, just don't expect anything big

Well-known eFootball leaker @Durandil67 doesn't think we'll see anything sizeable from the next update in November.


2 October 2023 - Don't Expect Any Master League Info This Week

There's a new update dropping this week along with Season 2, but well-known leaker Durandil has suggested that players shouldn't expect "new stadiums, new licenses, Master League, Edit mode or anything that Konami has been planning for a long time now."

We guess the long wait continues...

25 August 2023 - What Is the Extra Storage Space for?
8 June 2023 - New items found in update 2.6.0

Some new leaks for Master League items have been discovered, although we still don't have any further news on the mode to share.

When Will Master League Be Added To eFootball 2024 

Fans of eFootball have eagerly awaited the inclusion of Master League, a highly anticipated feature that has been absent from Konami's free-to-play offering. While it was confirmed that Master League would be introduced in 2023, the lack of a specific release date has caused frustration among players. Fortunately, the developer has provided a roadmap that offers some insight into the arrival of Master League in eFootball, although there is both good and bad news.

eFootball Master League Release Date 2023 date
While we don't have an official date, we do know that Master League will be released this year. (Picture: Konami)

According to the eFootball roadmap, Master League is indeed slated to arrive in eFootball 'sometime' in 2023, which is a welcome update considering the previous lack of substantiated information. That being said, it's been exacerbated further by the lack of information following the release of eFootball 2024 in August. Equally, details such as the pricing for the Master League DLC have not yet been confirmed either.

eFootball Master League Gameplay Details

If you're not familiar with Master League, it can be likened to FIFA's Career Mode. This game mode offers players the opportunity to take control of their favorite club and lead them to success, granting full control over tactics, player transfers, and more.

Although we haven't seen the exact details of how Master League will be implemented in eFootball, we can expect it to be similar to what we experienced in previous PES versions before the transition to the free-to-play model.

eFootball Master League Content And Details
Master League will operate similarly to FIFA's Career mode but will be added as a DLC for eFootball. (Picture: Konami)

In an interesting development, Konami has confirmed that Master League will be introduced as paid DLC, which diverges from the game's free-to-play structure. While we're glad to see the return of Master League, we are curious about the pricing strategy that will be employed.

As of now, no specific price has been disclosed, but we will keep this page updated with the latest information as soon as it becomes available.

All eFootball Master League Leaks So Far

At present, the leaks regarding eFootball are quite limited. The only available information comes from Twitter user Durandil PES, who uncovered certain lines of code that offer early insights into potential features of the game.

The discovered code reveals glimpses of the anticipated cut-scenes that may be included in Master League, featuring various staff members. Cut scenes have always been a notable aspect of Master League, and it appears increasingly probable that they will make a comeback in the upcoming eFootball 2024 version.

And there you have it, everything we know so far about the Master League and its arrival in eFootball, including what we know about its release date content and rumors surrounding it. Naturally, since there is still much to be discovered about this mode, be sure to check back here soon as we will update this listing accordingly with any new information that is released for eFootball's Master League.