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Best Bleed Build In Elden Ring: Weapon, Items & Stats

Learn how to become the master of blood with the detailed guide on creating the best Bleed build, including weapons and armor, in Elden Ring.
Best Bleed Build In Elden Ring: Weapon, Items & Stats

The Hemorrhage or Bleed status effect, like with Sorceries and Incantations, are the most overpowered features in Elden Ring. This status effect inflicts Blood Loss onto enemies and bosses that gradually build up by repeating its application, primarily through weapons.

Therefore, this type of build has grown in popularity with its dedicated player base, but how can you create the best optimal Bleed build? In this comprehensive guide, we looked at the best weapons, armor, Talismans, and more to assist you in getting the best Bleed build in Elden Ring.

How To Get The Best Bleed Build in Elden Ring?

For this build to effectively work, you’ll be placing much of your Attribute points in Arcane, Strength, and Dexterity to wield specific weapons and wear various armor. What negates this effect is enemies and bosses having a high Robustness stat which can be increased through the Endurance Attribute.

The best character classes most Bleed builds utilize are the Bandit or Samurai; however, the Samurai is the most widely used class and will be created to achieve the best Bleed build. The latter starts with high Dexterity and Endurance stats and the Uchigatana weapon to begin your build with, and selecting the Golden Seed as your Keepsake to increase the charge of your Flasks of Crimson and Cerulean Tears from the Character Creation menu.

Best Weapons For Bleed Build In Elden Ring

Many players swore the Rivers of Blood is the best weapon in making this build work as it deals Physical and Fire Attack damage. As mentioned before, increasing your Arcane Attributes, not Dexterity, boosts the Hemorrhage or Bleed status effect from its weapon Skill, Corpse Piler, thus significantly improving the damage output overall.

Additionally, the Weapon Skill has a better range than the same skill used on the Uchigatana and Nagakiba katanas, allowing you to apply the status effect on enemies consistently. Upgrading the weapon will improve its damage output, the Bleed Loss build-up from the Weapon Skill, and the Attribute scaling in Dexterity and Arcane.

elden ring character build guides bleed build best weapons rivers of blood weapon skill corpse piler
The Corpse Piler is the default Weapon Skill on the Rivers of Blood katana that forms consecutive blades of blood dealing Physical and Fire damage and inflicting Blood Loss build-up. (Picture: YouTube / Fextralife)

On the off-hand, the choice of weapon is up to the players; however, the Sacrificial Axe would be the best choice. While you won’t be wielding this weapon often, having it equipped has some massive benefits, which gives you 4 FP for every enemy eliminated in your radius should it be allocated to the character.

Using the Corpse Piler Weapon Skill will consume plenty of FP, especially if you need to stack the Blood Loss build-up on enemies. Gaining the FP back and having this weapon equipped for you will allow you to use the Corpse Piler Weapon Skill continuously.

For an effective Bleed build, the Carian Filigreed Crest Talisman will decrease the FP cost of all Skills by 25%. This will allow you to use the Corpse Piler more frequently, and with the Sacrificial Axe in your off-hand, you’ll be spamming this Weapon Skill non-stop without losing any FP.

elden ring character build guides bleed build best weapons rivers of blood sacrificial axe focus points fp
Equipping the Sacrificial Axe in your off-hand grants you a passive where you'll regain FP for every enemy killed. (Picture: YouTube / Fextralife)

Aside from the Carian Filigreed Crest, other good Talisman options are the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, which increases Attack Power with consecutive attacks, and the Shard of Alexander increases all Skills’ Attack Power. Finally, another good Talisman option is the Lord of Blood Exultation, which boosts Attack Power when Blood Loss occurs.

For Incantations, Flame Grant me Strength will be the preferred choice, raising your Physical and Fire Attack Power by 20% each. Given the Rivers of Blood splits its Attack Power between Physical and Fire, this Incantation will pair exceptionally well with the weapon’s stats.

To further increase your damage output, you might want to consider getting the Golden Vow Incantation; however, you’ll need to add points in Faith for it to be effective. This Incantation increases your Attack and Defense while your damage increases by 15%, which stacks with Flame Grant me Strength.

Best Armor For Bleed Build In Elden Ring

elden ring character build guides bleed build best armor okina mask dexterity
The Okina Mask is one of two armor pieces players must include in a Bleed build that boosts Dexterity. (Picture: YouTube / Fextralife)

Having the best armor set to accompany the build isn’t too important, but you can use the default Samurai armor; however, the emphasis is on the crown (headpiece). Multiple options are available, like the Okina Mask, which boost Dexterity while lowering Focus, and the White Mask, which raises your Attack Power by 10% for 20 seconds whenever Blood Loss occurs in a radius.

The White Mask would be the best armor piece to get, given that the Rivers of Blood inflicts Blood Loss through its Weapon Skill. It also stacks with the buff from the Lord’s of Blood Exultation Talisman, but you’ll need to acquire the War Surgeon Set to get the White Mask.

And that completes this guide on the best bleed build in Elden Ring. We want to thank the YouTube channel Fextralife for the complete breakdown of this build in-game. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.