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Best Incantations In Elden Ring Ranked

Incantations are Magic spells that are used to inflict damage, buff stats, or provide healing, as we've ranked the best Incantations in Elden Ring.
Best Incantations In Elden Ring Ranked

Not to be confused with Sorceries, incantations are a group of Magic spells players can cast against enemies and dealing, dealing a vast array of Attack damage. Additionally, these spells can grant the caster various effects or buffs and have the potential to inflict debuffs on enemies and bosses.

Incantations can be acquired from various NPCs or Prayerbooks found along your journey to becoming Elden Lord, but most players ask which are the best high-damage dealing in-game. Before beginning your quest to seek out these magic spells, we've compiled a ranked list of the ten best damage-dealing Incantations to own in Elden Ring.

What Are The Best Incantations To Get In Elden Ring?

Before determining the ten best Incantations, it's important to note a few things when finding and casting Incantations. Firstly, all Incantations require Sacred Seals to cast, which can boost specific types of Incantations from Erdtree to Bestial and Dragon Communion Incantations.

Almost all Incantations scale with the Faith Attribute, so spending points in Fatith as well as Dexterity and Arcane can be of benefit to cast them. When casting Incantations, like with Sorceries, it will consume Stamina and Focus Points (FP), and to replenish it, you'll need to defeat grouped enemies or Cerulean Teardrop Scarabs.

To learn more Incantations, you must increase your Memory Slots by equipping either the Memory Stone item or the Moon of Nokstella Talisman. With these important notes to remember carefully detailed, let's look at the ten best Incantations to cast in Elden Ring:

Bloodflame Blade:

Imbued with Bloodflame, this Blood Incantation will significantly increase your weapon with its effect, which, when inflicting damage, applies a debuff that builds up Hemorrhage for a short duration. This debuff can stack moments after enemies are hit with this Incantation; additionally, it can deal Fire damage, so the faster the weapon, the more build-up can be stacked.

However, there isn't a Sacred Seal to boost its power, so the Finger Seal should work for now. This Incantation can be dropped from a Teardrop Scarab near the Rose Church in Liurnia of the Lakes.

Catch Flame:

elden ring magic guide best incantations faith build catch flame
The Catch Flame Incantation has the lowest FP cost, making it one of the most spammed and viable spells in-game. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

As this Fire Incantation functions similarly to O, Flame!, the significant difference is that Catch Flame deals Fire damage within close range and within a short time frame. While it doesn't deal as much Fire damage as O, Flame!, players can instantly spam this Incantation because it is the lowest FP cost Incantation.

This Incantation works well for all Fire builds due to its viability and has great success in PvE environments as it can deal insane Fire damage. This Incantation comes with the Prophet class and can be acquired from Brother Corhyn when visiting the Roundtable Hold.

Pest Threads:

This Poison Incantation has a long-range capability when cast as it launches multiple projectiles at its intended target. This Incantation is most effective against targets that would otherwise avoid Incantations with a longer casting time; you can cast the Incantation before finishing off with a few Physical damage attacks.

It can also inflict Stance damage, which works effectively, especially if you time your follow-up attacks against larger enemies. This Incantation can be purchased from Gowry; however. Before getting this Incantation, you must progress with Millicent's questline and hand her the Valkyrie's Prosthesis.

Swarm of Flies:

elden ring magic guide best incantations faith build swarm of flies
Swarm of Flies sends a swarm of blood-crazed insects to attack enemies while inflicting Blood damage. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

Another projectile Incantation, only this time it deals standard Physical and Blood damage once cast. This Incantation sees a swarm of blood-infested flies hurling towards an enemy, which, as the spell attacks, you can finish off with a series of follow-up strikes.

Like the Bloodflame Blade Incantation, Swarm of Flies deals massive Blood damage and is one of the most popular spells used in-game. It can be located at Mohgwyn Palace on a body within a shallow grave along the building's eastern wall, accessed from the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace.

Honed Bolt:

Honed Bolt is a Dragon Cult Incantation that summons fast-striking lightning bolts with a short casting time. While it doesn't inflict as much standard damage due to its quick casting time that this spell can outperform other Lightning Incantations.

Its effectiveness can be boosted with the Gravel Stone Seal; casting this Incantation will consume 29 Stamina and 12 FP, making this spell more appealing. After locating the Dragon Cult Prayerbook, you can hand it to Miriel or Brother Corhyn to learn this electrifying Incantation.

Ancient Dragons' Lightning Strike:

elden ring magic guide best incantations faith build ancient dragons lightning strike storm
Despite its short radius and long casting time, Ancient Dragons' Lightning Strike can deal a significant amount of Lightning damage to larger enemies. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

Also known as Ancient Dragons' Lightning Storm, this Dragon Cult Incantation is one of the more powerful spells to cast, particularly in PvE scenarios. It has the downside of having a short radius and a long casting time; this Incantation can destroy grouped and larger enemies as each lightning strike counts as one attack.

Despite its shortcomings, it deals a significant amount of Lightning damage as there aren't many enemies and bosses resistant to it, especially during the early to mid-game. Before learning this Incantation, you must find the Ancient Dragon Prayerbook and give it to Miriel or Brother Corhyn.

Giantsflame Take Thee:

With a high Faith requirement, the Giantsflame Take Thee Incantation is a Fire damage spell that summons a colossal ball of fire that can be thrown at enemies. This massive ball of fire can knock back enemies but can detonate a fire-like explosion that damages enemies within the radius.

As it possesses one of the highest ranged damage attacks, it consumes a considerable amount of Stamina and FP, so players must find the right opportunity to cast this spell. It can be purchased from either Brother Corhyn or Miriel once you've successfully located the Giant's Prayerbook before offering it to either NPC.

Bestial Sling:

elden ring magic guide best incantations faith build bestial sling
Casting Bestial Sling allows you to throw rocks at enemies close to mid-range. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

Another popular projectile-orientated Incantation, Bestial Sling, gained notoriety for how quickly players can spam this spell and how difficult it is to dodge it. When cast, it launches a series of rock projectiles at enemies within a short distance which deals a fair amount of damage.

Additionally, it costs very little Stamina, so players can easily spam this Incantation, and it can even be used as a primary method of attack over most melee weapons. This Incantation can be awarded to you by Gurranq once you've offered him the second Deathroot when visiting him at the Bestial Sanctum.

Golden Vow:

One of the best Incantations currently in Elden Ring, this Erdtree spell may not be used for combat situations; however, it offers something more significant than inflicting damage. Having the longest duration for an Incantation, Golden Vow boosts all Attack and Defense stats, allowing you to inflict 15% more damage regardless of damage type, and you'll take 10% less damage.

This Incantation can work more effectively when paired with another Incantation, Flame, Grant me Strength which stacks the spell's Physical and Fire damage. This Incantation can be located at the Corpse-Stench Shack at Mt. Gelmir, and you can reach this location by traveling to the Seethewater Cave or First Mt. Gelmir Campsite Sites of Grace.

Flame, Grant me Strength:

Speaking of Golden Vow, Flame, Grant me Strength is another buff-related Incantation that increases your Physical and Fire Attack damage stats by 20%. With a low Faith requirement and costing little Stamina, as previously mentioned, it can be further enhanced with the Golden Vow Incantation, making these Incantations the best for every faith build.

It only lasts 30 seconds, so you can slightly increase its duration when paired with the Old Lord's Talisman. As for where to find it, locate a corpse between two Flame Chariots behind Fort Gael in Caelid from the Fort Gael North Site of Grace.