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Best Talismans In Elden Ring

Talismans are the unsung heroes as they can boost your character stats or grant you unique buffs, as we've ranked the best overall Talismans in Elden Ring.
Best Talismans In Elden Ring

Elden Ring's talismans are quite misunderstood but incredibly valuable, as they can boost a variety of stats and grant Tarnished Ones unique buffs. These talismans complement various classes and character builds, making them vital to track down in The Lands Between.

While finding a few talismans can occur mid to late-game, if you're looking to know the best talismans in-game, you can learn more in this guide. We've detailed what are the best talismans to have and their locations in Elden Ring.

What Are The Best Talismans To Get In Elden Ring?

Before we delve into the best Talismans to get in Elden Ring, a few worth Talismans are slightly niched as it depends on the type of build, equipment, and playstyle. These will enhance specific status effects or grant unique buffs that can be utilized in combat.

  • Shabriri’s Woe: Constantly attracts enemies’ aggro, which works effectively with the Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes but must be unequipped as soon as the Mimic Tear is summoned.
  • Lord of Blood’s Exultation: Any blood loss in an area will increase your attack power, making this the best talisman for all Blood builds.
  • Kindred of Rot’s Exultation: Any poisoning or Scarlet Rot in an area will increase your attack power, which like the previous talisman, can be utilized in Poison/Rot and Faith builds.
elden ring equipment guide best talismans how to get how to find sites of graces
Utilize the named Sites of Grace to make locating a talisman more efficient. (Picture: FromSoftware)

So with those honorable mentions out of the way, let’s look at the best Talismans in Elden Ring which can be equipped or utilized across most builds and playstyles:

Erdtree’s Favor

The Erdtree's Favor talismans and subsequent variants are among the most versatile items for most playstyles and builds. As HP, Stamina, and equipment load are the main areas that deplete more often, this talisman will boost max HP, Stamina, and equipment load at various increments.

The base talisman is found at Fringefolk Hero's grave by traveling to the Strandard Graveyard Site of Grace. Using two Stonesword Keys, enter the mini-dungeon by following the narrow path before dropping into a secret area, past the enemies, and fire taps to reach an altar with the talisman resting atop.

Dragoncrest Greatshield

elden ring equipment guide best talismans how to get how to find dragoncreast greatshield stats
Once equipped, the Dragoncrest Greatshield talisman increases all Physical damage negation by 20%. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles Gaming)

This Legendary talisman has the power of the ancient dragons, greatly enhancing your stats and thus protecting your character. Equipping the Dragoncrest Greatshield talisman will boost Physical damage negation by 20%; however, it is reduced slightly for PvP situations.

Finding it can be tedious as you'll need to head to the Haligtree location, having obtained the Haligtree Secret Medallions, and then traverse through the Haligtree before finding the Drainage Channel Site of Grace. Navigate the Haligtree branches heading east until you've reached a large building northeast and dropped through the roof to find a chest guarded by Pests, which you can eliminate and raid the chest.

Gold Scarab

One of the most prized Talismans to acquire, the Gold Scarab offers something most players need to have to aid their progression: Runes. This talisman will significantly boost the amount of Runes obtained once enemies have been defeated.

However, getting this talisman will be challenging, as you'll need to defeat dual bosses at the Abandoned Cave in Caelid. It can be located from the Souldering Wall Site of Grace and traversing along the tree branches before dropping down into the area, and you'll be able to find the Abandoned Cave Site of Grace.

Radagon Icon

elden ring equipment guide best talismans how to get how to find radagon icon debate parlor site of grace
Travel to the Debate Parlor Site of Grace at the Raya Lucaria Academy to begin your search for the Radagon Icon talisman. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles Gaming)

Magic and sorcery classes will have to seek out this particular talisman as it influences their ability when casting spells and sorceries. The Radagon Icon talisman shortens the duration of casting spells by granting you 30 virtual Dexterity for this to happen; however, you will need 40 Dexterity to reach the max cap of 70.

This talisman is located at the Raya Lucaria Academy at Liurnia of the Lakes, but you'll need to find a chest nearby the Debate Parlor Site of Grace. From this Site of Grace, head down the corridor to the courtyard, making two right turns before jumping across the fence and up the ladder before going through the broken window to locate the chest on the northern side of the area.

Radagon's Soreseal

Speaking of Radagon, another one of his talismans is worth getting, especially for melee builds, as it boosts four different stats. Radagon's Soreseal will increase Dexterity, Endurance, Strength, and Vigor by five points but coming at the cost of increasing the damage taken.

Found at Fort Faroth, Caelid, you'll need to head into the fort, pass all the enemies, climb the ladder before crossing the rooftop, and find the last hatch before dropping down. Going northeast before avoiding the giant rat and jumping to the right, run past the two rats and climb the ladder to find the talisman on a corpse.

Cerulean Amber Medallion

Another great talisman for spellcasting, the Cerulean Amber Medallion has two variants available and is one of the first few talismans to find. This talisman will increase your max FP by various increments and can be paired with the Cerulean Seed Medallion, which increases FP regeneration.

This talisman is found at the Lakeside Crystal Cave dungeon, and you can find the Site of Grace nearby. You'll need to explore the cave to find the Bloodhound Knight boss, and defeating it will drop this talisman.

Godfrey Icon

The Godfrey Icon talisman can be vital, especially for Magic/Sorcery and Faith builds. This talisman will enhance the attack power of charged Spells and Skills, including Ashes of War and Incantations, by 15%, which can be used with a few other talismans for a significant boost.

Unfortunately, you'll need to face Godfrey the Grafted at the Golden Lineage Evergaol, located from the Grand Lift of Dectus Site of Grace. Using a Stonesword Key, you'll gain access to the Evergaol, where you'll find Godfrey the Grafted.

Bull-Goat's Talisman

Players new to Soulsborne games can learn how vital Poise determines your resistance to being staggered by enemies. The Bull-Goat's Talisman can raise Poise, making it harder for enemies to stagger you, but it's not hard to locate it.

Travel to Caelid, locate the Dragonbarrow Cave, and head down the left tunnel, passing the Giant Bear and keeping to the right. Reach the end of the tunnel and explore this area to loot the talisman of a corpse to acquire it.

Prince of Death's Pustule

This talisman, forged using the pustule of the Prince of Death, Godwyn the Golden, will raise Vitality by 90 points. This will directly increase resistance to Death Blight, making facing specific enemies much easier to achieve.

This talisman is located at Stormveil Castle, guarded by the Ulcerated Tree Spirit, and accessible from the Liftside Chamber Site of Grace. Drop down to the crypt below and avoid the rats in the area; navigate this location to reach the end denoted by the large face and find the corpse to get the talisman.

Moon of Nokstella

This talisman is essential to get, regardless of your character class or build, as it increases the number of Memory Slots. As the prized treasure of the Eternal City, Nokstella, the Moon of Nokstella, the talisman can be acquired while completing Ranni's questline.

Once this city becomes available to you, from the Ansel River Main Site of Grace, head past the Uhl Palace Ruins and enter the river cave to the right, following the stream to reach Nokstella, Eternal City. Take the stairs to your left from this Site of Grace, find the cathedral at the city's highest point, and defeat the Mimic Tears and a Nox Warrior to access the chest and gain the talisman.

And that completes this guide on the best Talismans in Elden Ring. We want to thank the YouTube channels Kibbles Gaming and FP Good Game for the complete walkthrough on achieving this in-game. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.