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Elden Ring Dragonkin Soldier boss guide - How to beat and location

Dragonkin Soldier is an optional boss located near the eastern parts of Limgrave in Elden Ring. Here's where to find and how to beat it.
Elden Ring Dragonkin Soldier boss guide - How to beat and location

Elden Ring's massive open-world throws plenty of challenging yet rewarding optional encounters worth engaging, including open field bosses that you may stumble upon while exploring the world or find hidden deep within intricately designed catacombs.

Indeed, some of these boss battles are easy for players to miss. The Dragonkin Soldier is one such boss, described as "a rather large, imposing, dragon-like humanoid." Here's exactly where to find this boss and how to easily beat it in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Dragonkin Soldier - Where to find

You will find Dragonkin Soldier deep within the Siofra River region of Elden Ring. Reaching this location in itself is complicated, so if you haven't yet, go to the easternmost part of Limgrave and find the elevator that will take you to it. Later on, you can also reach the Siofra River from Caelid.

dragonkin soldier location elden ring where to find
Use the portal up the pillar north of Worshipper’s Woods grace in Siofra River to reach the boss arena. (Picture: FromSoftware)

The nearest Grace of Point from Dragonkin Soldier boss in Siofra River is Worshipper's Wood. Head straight, keep going until you see a white pillar on the left leading up to a portal. Use the portal to reach the boss arena. This area is called the Ainsel River. From here, head northwest until you find the Dragonkin Soldier.

Elden Ring Dragonking Soldier - How to beat

The Dragonking Soldier is a Great Enemy and, thus, can be an extremely challenging encounter if you're under level 40. Admittedly, it's a battle best fought on horseback, as its slam attacks can decimate you in a single shot if you're caught inside its radar.

dragonkin soldier elden ring how to defeat
Fighting Dragonkin Soldier on horseback is recommended. (Picture: FromSoftware)

Followingly, it's best to keep your distance and chug away at its health from afar using rapid ranged attacks, or if you have Strength or Dexterity focused character, perform successive strikes.

Note: You can make this fight extremely easy by summoning spirit ashes. A distraction makes things far easier if you have a ranged based character.

For example, suppose you invested more points in your Intelligence and Dexterity attributes. In that case, we recommend using the Rock Sling spell. However, if you invested in Intelligence and Strength, we recommend using Loretta's Great bow.

Both spells do massive damage, and if everything goes right, it will let you finish the fight in less than a minute.

Otherwise, if you have a melee-focused character, we recommend using the Icerind Hatchet and its Ashes of War - Hoarfrost Stomp. While Elden Ring patch 1.03 nerfed Hoarfrost Stomp, it still deals enough damage to take out Dragonkin Soldier with ease.

Defeating it will reward you with a melee weapon called Dragon Halberd that requires 22 Strength to wield efficiently. Following these steps should make this boss fight pretty easy.

And that's it! Check our dedicated Elden Ring section for more news, guides, and features.


Featured image courtesy of FromSoftware.