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Elden Ring update 1.02 patch notes - Bug fixes, fps drops and more

All the bug fixes and improvements in Elden Ring's 1.02 update patch notes.
Elden Ring update 1.02 patch notes - Bug fixes, fps drops and more

FromSoftware created a masterpiece in Elden Ring, putting most other open-world games to shame. The game is one of the highest-rated of all time, and rightly so. Tarnished are flooding the Lands Between in droves as one of Elden Ring's 10 unique starting classes but despite this massive success, Elden Ring is not without its issues. That's why we are pleased to report Elden Ring already got its first post-launch update, and we've got the patch notes to share.

In this article, we take a look at the Elden Ring 1.02 update patch notes, including all the fixes and improvements (including fps drop issues) which FromSoftware has deployed, so let's get started.

Elden Ring 1.02 update patch notes - Fixes & fps drops

There are a few things wrong with Elden Ring at launch, from server connection issues due to the large influx of players, to fps/performance issues, especially on PC.

Elden Ring 1.02 update patch notes details bug fixes fps drops PC
Not even the Finger Maiden could stop some server issues from occurring. (Picture: FromSoftware)

Thankfully, FromSoftware was quick to deploy the Elden Ring 1.02 update and share the patch notes with players.

While the patch notes aren't exactly detailed, it is great to see the developer work on fixes to issues, such as the aforementioned fps drops. Further, FromSotware urges players to install the Elden Ring 1.02 update before playing the game. 

The developer notes: "We have started distributing a patch to improve the stability of the gameplay. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please apply the latest patch before playing the game."

Elden ring patch notes update 1.02 bug fixes improvements fps drops
Players have seen some huge fps drops in Elden Ring when fighting overworld bosses such as the Tree Sentinel. (Picture: FromSoftware)

Check out the full patch notes for the Elden Ring 1.02 update below.

  • Improved player controls.
  • Addition and adjustment of BGM.
  • Text adjustments.
  • Balance adjustments.
  • NPC event fixes and adjustments.
  • Fixed frame rate drops under certain conditions.
  • Fixed text bug in some languages.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Xbox wireless headset from working properly.

FromSoftware also mentioned the future implementation of Ray Tracing. While the developer did not give a release date for the Elden Ring Ray Tracing update, they did note details will be revealed in "future announcements" and that it is still a planned feature.

If you are unsure if the game automatically updated, you can check the bottom right corner of your screen in Elden Ring, where it will read: "App Ver. 1.02" or "Regulation Ver. 1.02.1".

So there you have it, the full Elden Ring 1.02 update patch notes. While FromSoftware didn't go into a lot of detail, it is great to see the developer pushing out an update after launch, addressing some of the game's biggest issues.


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Featured image courtesy of FromSoftware.