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Elden Ring Lusat's Glintstone Staff - Location, weapon stats, and more

Check out this guide for how to get the Elden Ring Lusat's Glinstone Staff including the location, stats, and much more.
Elden Ring Lusat's Glintstone Staff - Location, weapon stats, and more

It can be tough to get a Staff early on in Elden Ring, and while it's technically possible to get Lusat's Glintstone Staff right away, the process won't be easy. To earn the mage weapon, you'll need to solve puzzles and defeat bosses to open up the path.

To make matters worse, the location of the staff is in Caelid, a place known for brutal mobs and bosses. But if you can get by all of the obstacles, the end result is a staff with plenty of magical power and the ability to use other Ashes of War on the side.

Where to find Lusat's Glintstone Staff in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Lusat's Staff map
Players will need to reach Caelid to claim the staff. (Picture: YouTube / Gaming with Abyss)

Lusat's Glintstone Staff is located within Caelid, the Scarlet Rotted zone in Elden Ring. This zone of the map is located to the east of Limgrave and can be accessed by simply riding there. The area you will be looking for is in the center of the zone on the edge of the Scarlet Rot lake.

That area is called Sellia, Town of Sorcery, and there are plenty of enemies here that have a Glinstone Staff of their own. But it's not them that you need to worry about. Instead, the goal is to light all of the torches found in the towers. Use Torrent to easily jump across the rooftops to reach every flame.

When each flame has been lit, the doorway that was blocked in the main building will now be open. Head through the village and back up the steps to find what is now a fog door. Completing the flame puzzle gives access to a boss fight against Nox Swordstress and Nox Priest.

Completing the puzzle and reaching the boss can be done at any point in the game because there are no barriers. To earn Lusat's Glintstone Staff though, the boss must be defeated. Within a chamber in the boss arena, the staff will be located in a chance with a hard-earned victory.

Lusat's Glintstone Staff weapon stats in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Glintstone Staff stats
Intelligence is the main scaling stat. (Picture: YouTube / Gaming with Abyss)

Without a doubt, Lusat's Staff is geared towards intelligence-based mage builds in Elden Ring. The weapon is based on two main stats which are Strength and Intelligence. Strength happens to be a much lesser stat in this case and only has D scaling.

Intelligence is the main course here, and at a base, the stat has B scaling. Players will need a massive 52 Intelligence in order to properly wield the staff in a build. Increasing your Strength and Intelligence stats is also the only true way to bump the weapon up.

By the time the staff reaches a +10 upgrade level, the base weapon damage can reach 284-413 based on the stats that a player has. Diminishing returns will typically bring the weapon to that 413 level.

As for the skill on the weapon, this staff has no Ash of War skill, which is unlike most of the other weapons in the game. If you equip another weapon in your other hand, the Ash of War for that hand will take priority.


The process can be long, but those are the steps and the stats for Lusat's Glintstone Staff. For more information about weapons and armor, head to the Elden Ring section of our site.

Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Gaming with Abyss.