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How to get the Mushroom Armour in Elden Ring

Players seeking an armour set with high immunity and resistances should look for the Mushroom Armour Set. Here's how to find it in Elden Ring.
How to get the Mushroom Armour in Elden Ring

Elden Ring features several armour sets that can provide many benefits, including protections, stat buffs, Status Effect resistances and other unique bonuses. These sets often include pieces for the head, chest, arms, and legs and are further divided based on weight, increasing or decreasing equipment load.

The Mushroom Armor Set is perhaps one of the more unique sets players can acquire and, as such, isn't as hard to track down. This guide will detail what the armour set entails and how to find the armour set pieces in Elden Ring.

What is the Mushroom Armor Set in Elden Ring?

The Mushroom Armor Set is one of the game's more bizarre and uniquely-designed armour available for acquisition in Elden Ring. Categorised as a Light Armour set, this armour is highlighted by its adornment of mushrooms that spawn across the armour.

elden ring gear guide mushroom armour set appearance roundtable hold
The Mushroom Armour is one of Elden Ring's most unique sets you cab acquire. (Picture: YouTube / Gaming with Abyss)

What they offer can be beneficial, especially during the late portions of the game when coming into contact with various poisons. This set also provides some of the best resistances, reducing the damage taken due to different status effects like Poison and Scarlet Rot when exploring deadly areas.

This set has the highest immunity stats, with the Crown piece having the highest immunity out of the entire set. Aside from the boost to Immunity, other stats this set boosts include Focus, Robustness and Vitality; however, it does nothing to Poise.

Where to find the Mushroom Armor in Elden Ring?

The Mushroom Armor Set can be found in two separate locations when exploring the Lands Between. Luckily, it doesn't require you to complete a quest to obtain the armour set, but what it offers can be quite beneficial, especially during the late portions of the game.

You need to have access to the Atlus Plateau region, in particular, Mt. Gelmir, to locate all the pieces of the Mushroom Armor Set. You would need to have located the two Dectus Medallion halves for the Grand Lift of Dectus to enter the Atlus Plateau region.

Additionally, any items that can help reduce any Poison damage you may take, like the Immunizing Horn Charm talisman or mixing the Speckled Hardtear for your Flask of Wondrous Physick. Lastly, we recommend getting pieces for the Head, Body, Arms and Legs first, found at Seethewater Cave; however, you need two Stonesword Keys to access the dungeon.

From the Grand Lift of Dectus Site of Grace, travel north-west along the slopes, which you should pass by a few Sites of Grace and the Wyndham Catacombs until you've reached Seethewater Cave. Using the two Stonesword Keys, you'll unlock the seal to access the dungeon before walking down the entrance passage.

elden ring gear guide mushroom armour set map location seethewater cave site of grace
The first part of the Mushroom Armour Set is located inside the Seethewater Cave. (Picture: YouTube / 100% Guides)

There's a Site of Grace inside the cave, going left from the Site down the passage before dropping into a hazardous swamp dealing Poison effect. Take the left path through the swamp to reach a cavernous area while using items to decrease its effects.

You'll reach a fork in the cavern, which taking the left path, will lead to the Mushroom Armor Set; however, you'll encounter plenty of enemies along this path. Head right at the next juncture before dropping into the area below but do keep in mind the Poison status effect in this area.

Take the left path towards another tunnel before finding another juncture; however, take the right path going up the steps and then right once again, where you'll find a wildlife creature, the Giant Miranda Sprout, inside a small cave and the Mushroom Armor Set.

elden ring gear guide mushroom armour set location seethewater cave wildlife creature giant miranda sprout loot
You have the option to defeat the wildlife creature before looting the cave for the Mushroom Armour Set pieces. (Picture: YouTube / 100% Guides)

However, the Crown piece is located underground at the Lake of Rot, which can be accessed through the Ainsel River Main, which will take you to the Nokstella Waterfall Basin Site of Grace. You can equip the Mushroom Armor pieces as you'll be walking through pools of Scarlet Rot to find the crown piece.

Head south from the Nokstella Waterfall Basin Site of Grace until you've located the Lake of Rot Shoreside Site of Grace. From here, you'll need to reach the opposite side south-east of the area by crossing the pool of Scarlet Rot which the pieces of the Mushroom Armor Set should help reduce any damage taken but use any consumable items to replenish any HP lost.

You'll eventually find platforms floating above the Scarlet Rot, which can help you move across to the other side of the area. Once you've reached the end, you'll find a pillar on the south-east side of the area, which will take you to a ruin by climbing up and crossing another pillar.

Peer inside the ruin to find a corpse lying across a beam; jumping onto it and looting the corpse will get you the Mushroom Crown piece. With all the pieces found, you're now in possession of one of the most peculiar armour sets in Elden Ring.

We want to thank the YouTube channel 100% Guides for the complete walkthrough on locating the Mushroom Armor Set in Elden Ring. You can subscribe to their channel for more amazing content.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Gaming with Abyss.