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Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree Promised Consort Radahn Boss Guide

Discover the fate of Kindly Miquella as we guide you on how to locate and defeat Promised Consort Radahn in Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree.
Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree Promised Consort Radahn Boss Guide

In the new Shadow of The Erdtree DLC, every Tarnished turned Elden Lord will eventually face their final battle against the Promised Consort Radahn. This boss, while beautifully integrated into the narrative, is mechanically one of the strongest and most difficult to defeat, and you'll more than likely find yourself struggling against him at first.

However, you won't have to struggle much longer as this guide covers everything you need to know to take down this towering warrior. Below, we will walk you through how to locate and defeat the Promised Consort Radahn, the final boss of the Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree DLC.

Elden Ring Promised Consort Radahn Boss Guide: How To Beat

The boss fight against Promised Consort Radahn can be found at the peak of Enir-Ilim and is only accessible after defeating Romina, Saint of the Bud. Once you reach the top of the tower, there will be a site of grace and a Stake of Marika to summon aid if needed—and for this fight, nobody would blame you for doing so.

Shadow Of The Erdtree Promised Consort Radahn Location
You will face Promised Consort Radahn at the peak of Enir-Ilim after defeating Romina. (Picture: Shane / FromSoftware)

Promised Consort Radahn is a two-phase boss fight featuring the powerful Radahn at the peak of his glory. In addition to his regular twin blade combos and gravity magic, his second phase has Marika supporting him, adding holy effects to his abilities and increasing his movement speed to insane levels. Let's discuss his abilities before we discuss how to take him down.

Promised Consort Radahn Phase 1 Attacks

Shadow Of The Erdtree Promised Consort Radahn Phase 1 attacks
During phase 1, Radahn will use his swords to dish out combos as well as gravity magic in between. (Picture: Shane / FromSoftware)
  • Gravity Cyclone: From a distance, Radahn leaps through the air while spinning with his two swords towards you, ending in an explosion.
  • Bloodflame Slash: At close range, Radahn swings his sword towards you. The line created from the slash engulfs in blood flames in the air and explodes, causing hemorrhaging.
  • Starcaller Cry: Radahn pulls you towards him with gravity, causing you to stagger. He then slams the ground and uses gravity to force rock spikes upwards.
  • Triple Sword Swing: At mid to close range, Radahn chases you with his two swords and swings at you three times.
  • 4-Swing Combo: Radahn will open with a left-to-right swing, then do two fast right and left swings, finishing with an overhead smash that causes rocks to fly up in front of him.
  • Lion's Claw: At a distance, Radahn will do a front somersault toward your position and smash both of his swords into the ground, similar to Artorias's overhead smash.
  • Rock Sling: In close to mid-combat, Radahn swings his swords upwards, causing rocks to fly into the air. He then leaps into the air and uses his gravity power to sling eight rocks towards you.

Promised Consort Radahn Phase 2 Attacks

Radahn will use all the Phase 1 abilities in his second phase, now imbued with Holy Light magic.

Shadow Of The Erdtree Promised Consort Radahn Phase 2 attacks
In phase 2, Radahn will now be partnered with Miquella and use Holy Light magic along with his phase 1 attacks. (Picture: Shane / FromSoftware)
  • Holy Light Burst: Radahn floats into the air and begins emanating light from his body and the ground, which then explodes into a massive AoE burst.
  • Holy Rush: Radahn blinks in one direction, then quickly rushes towards you with a single strike.
  • Holy Combo: Radahn performs any of the combos from Phase 1, but now each strike is followed by an explosion of light from the ground.
  • Rock Sling Rush: Radahn performs his Rock Sling attack, then follows it up with a flurry of rapid overhead swings that can easily stun and delete you.
  • Meteor Strike: Radahn disappears from the arena, then an orb of light appears somewhere in the sky. Radahn emerges from it, crashing into the arena and causing a massive AoE explosion.

Before we dive into the specifics of how to beat Promised Consort Radahn, it’s important to acknowledge that this fight is extremely challenging. Most players, myself included, take at least a couple of hours to figure out his moves and successfully beat him, and even then, it's not an exact science. So be prepared to die quite a bit, but with some tips, you should have an easier time with him.

Phase 1 Strategy

During phase 1, Radahn focuses on his combos and ground attacks, interspersed with Rock Sling, Gravity Cyclone, and Starcaller Cry. For this phase, you’ll want to stay near him most of the time, baiting out his melee swings, dodging them, and then countering. When you see him preparing other attacks, run as fast as possible to get away from him, as his Starcaller Cry and Gravity Cyclone are the hardest to roll through or guard against.

Shadow Of The Erdtree Promised Consort Radahn Phase 1 tips
During phase 1, you'll want to stay near Radahn as much as possible to punish his sword swing combos which have a linger cool-down, and only back away for his rock sling. (Picture: Shane / FromSoftware)

It is possible to parry Radahn during his normal swings, but this takes extra practice. However, it's a method to avoid rolling through those swings. The general strategy is to stay near him, dodge his sword swings, counterattack, and run away from his other attacks, which are much harder to dodge. These can be rolled through if your timing is good, but in most cases, you’ll get clipped. Once you're stunned, Radahn will capitalize quickly and easily end your attempt.

Phase 2 Strategy

When roughly 35%-40% of Radahn’s health is depleted, he will enter phase two with Miquella the Kind now resting on his shoulders, and he becomes Radahn, Consort of Miquella. This phase is likely to kill you the most due to its wide-scale AoE attacks and the significantly ramped-up pace at which Radahn attacks.

Shadow Of The Erdtree Promised Consort Radahn Phase 2 tips
During phase 2, the strategy is to only close in when Radahn is on the ground and bait out his gap-closers to punish him, then be ready to run away as soon as you see any of his AoE attacks. (Picture: Shane / FromSoftware)

This phase requires two approaches: staying close to dodge and punish, and backing away to bait out attacks and then looping back in. When you’re close to Radahn, he will perform his combos and follow up with holy light after each slash, which you can dodge similarly to phase 1 and then punish where applicable. However, this can backfire as Radahn can perform his AoE light burst attacks, which can easily deplete your health bar.

To counter this, we suggest moving closer to punish Radahn's combos, then backing away to bait out his ranged attacks that have a longer cooldown (Meteor Strike, Gravity Cyclone, etc.). When he does these attacks, you should already be at a distance so that when he closes back in, you can punish him as he returns to his normal stance.

Shadow Of The Erdtree Promised Consort Radahn Overall tips
This fight is definitely hard, and it will require some practice to get right, but if you can maintain a safe distance from him in phase 2 and only punish when safe, you should eventually find victory. (Picture: Shane / FromSoftware)

This sounds simple in theory, but the execution and timing of this strategy are everything. For instance, if you’re close to Radahn and have been punished a few times, the moment he begins to float in the air (telegraphing a Holy Light Burst), you need to immediately start running away, as staying even a second too long within range can mean instant death.

This fight requires practice to get down mechanically, but there isn’t too much technical knowledge required to beat him. In phase one, stay near Radahn as much as possible to punish him and bring him into phase two quickly. In phase two, close in, punish, and then back away to bait Radahn to approach you. When he's on cooldown, punish him again. Be prepared to either run (if he does an AoE attack) or start the cycle again with the punish and bait strategy.

Shadow Of The Erdtree Promised Consort Radahn Rewards
Defeating Radahn will give you his and Miquella's Remembrance, as well as a small cut-scene to close off the narrative content of the DLC. (Picture: Shane / FromSoftware)

This will take time to master, so don’t be discouraged. Radahn is the final main boss of the DLC, and it makes sense for him to be such a challenge. With practice, time, and careful consideration of the tips listed above, you’ll be well on your way to victory against Promised Consort Radahn and Miquella the Kind in Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree.