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ESO High Isle Dreadsail Reef Trial - How To Defeat Reef Guardian

How to defeat the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Reef Guardian in the High Isle Dreadsail Reef Trial to reach the end.
ESO High Isle Dreadsail Reef Trial - How To Defeat Reef Guardian

As you get past the first main boss and the mini-bosses in the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Dreadsail Reef Trial, you'll eventually float over to the Reef Guardian, who is keen on defending this part of the High Isles. If you've made it this far, your group has a chance, but the guardian is still quite a challenge.

These new Trials can be a tough run, and each boss serves as a speedbump to test the group's coordination. Reef Guardian in particular makes use of the river mechanics used earlier in Dreadsail Reef, as well as giving the group a tanking check to some degree. Aggro management and target focus will be key.

How to defeat the Reef Guardian in ESO High Isle Dreadsail Reef Trial

Reef Guardian Fight
The boss will duplicate as more damage is dealt. (Picture: Zenimax Online Studios)

At first glance, the Reef Guardian fight is similar to the Earthgore fight at the end of the Bloodroot Forge dungeon. The main boss model is essentially a golem with an aquatic theme that has been set to defend the area. What makes them the most similar is the fact that the guardian will duplicate.

As you burn down the Reef Guardian, it will begin to split and get some of its initial health back on the piece that split. Eventually, the boss can have up to four or five different versions of itself that get smaller with each separation.

The goal is to manage how long each one is alive so that the arena doesn't become too chaotic. Utilizing the main tank and an off-tank for the adds can save a ton of grief in the long run, because additional large enemies will also spawn. Tanks will also need to lead the boss around to new portals and shelters.

Shelter in the arena is made by the spore plants that are spread around the borders. These will create a ring that can cleanse your group of any lightning effects. As the fight goes on, the main arena will have lightning scattered on the ground that stacks damage on players. For Veteran difficulty, this can be devastating.

Reef Guardian Spore
Look for plants and symbols within the arena. (Picture: Zenimax Online Studios)

You'll notice on the arena that there are also markings on many of the rock altars. There are six and total, and as the main Reef Guardian takes damage in the Dreadsail Reef, he will approach one of these altars. One player needs to take the portal he creates to the river below. 

Follow the corresponding symbol path below and take out the heart to make your way back to the surface and wipe the main guardian. Failing to do so will cause a wipe to the team, and falling below without using the portal will also cause you to die. 

Aside from the mechanics, the best idea in this part of the trial is to rotate your stacked group to a new plant cleanse and controlled symbols. This will make surviving far easier. and the bosses can be burned down without too many survival risks.

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Featured image courtesy of Zenimax Online Studios.