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ESO High Isle Dreadsail Reef Trial - How To Defeat Tideborn Taleria

Defeat the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Tideborn Taleria in the High Isle Dreadsail Reef to complete the trial.
ESO High Isle Dreadsail Reef Trial - How To Defeat Tideborn Taleria

So you've made it beyond every other boss in the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Dreadsail Reef trial, but you still have the Tideborn Taleria to take down. In the final High Isle fight, it won't be entirely easy to burn down the final guardian of the reef, but knowing the following form on the mechanics can save your group plenty of grief.

The Tideborn Taleria is the largest boss in the ESO Dreadsail Reef Trial and it resembles an aquatic version of the common Air Atronachs around Tamriel. With the huge scale of the boss, there is a massive hitbox to deal with, so closing the gap isn't really an issue. Moving in tandem will prove to be the biggest challenge.

Tideborn Taleria Dreadsail Reef Trial - How to beat in ESO High Isle 

Tideborn Fight
The hitbox on the boss allows for plenty of range. (Picture: Zenimax Online Studios)

When the fight begins against the Tideborn Taleria, you and your group should pick one side to start on, which is preferably the one with the small pillar. This will link back to a later mechanic, but it's important to mark where your team is standing and stay there for the time being.

Nearly everything the Tideborn does in ESO will deal a ton of damage. One mechanic is a damage-over-time ability that is applied to the tank alone. Not only will the tank need to hold the full attention of the boss, and potentially adds, but they will need to survive through the DOT.

Another damage mechanic to watch out for is a set of water orbs that the boss will apply to certain members of the group. When these orbs appear, it's important for those affected members to walk into the water behind them and cleanse. Otherwise, a wide AOE wave attack will cause them to burst and possibly die.

After some more damage is dealt to the boss, a small tornado wall will start to form. Typically, these spawn where the small pillar starts, and they will make a full rotation around the arena. If you are positioned right, they will do one full circle around you, and then you can pace ahead of the second wall before they stop spawning. 

Tideborn Taleria tornado wall
Watch out for the walls or the team could wipe. (Picture: Zenimax Online Studios)

Taking damage from these can result in a quick death and they can't be blocked. They should be avoided entirely, but if you are in a pinch, then attempting to dodge through can be possible. Dodging and blocking AOE from the boss should be kept in mind for most of the fight.

On harder modes, there will be a bridge that spawns behind the boss arena, and adds will walk down to the boss area. They must be killed in a timely manner or your team is going to wipe. As they are taken out, a debuff dome will appear and it can be used for shelter, but tanks should stay away as they will likely die from the debuff and boss damage.

These adds can continue to flow out and the boss will add more AOE storms around the arena in order to zone out the group. The longer the fight goes on, the more dangerous it becomes, so being able to burn the boss after the initial phases are key. Before you know it though, the Dreadsail Reef in ESO will be complete, and you'll have the fight memorized.

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Featured image courtesy of Zenimax Online Studios.