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ESO: How To Start The Prisoner Of Fate Prologue Quest

Players can finally revisit the West Weald Zone in the new Prologue Quest, Prisoner of Fate, available on the PTS for The Elder Scrolls Online.
ESO: How To Start The Prisoner Of Fate Prologue Quest
(Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios)

Developer ZeniMax Online Studios released the PTS Patch Notes for The Elder Scrolls Online's (ESO) first patch update, arriving on PC and consoles in March 2024. Update 41 will coincide with the Scions of Ithelia dungeon DLC release, in which new content has been detailed for the base game and DLC.

The base game adds a new Prologue Quest for the West Weald Zone, Prisoner of Fate, now available for players to playtest via the PTS Environment accessible through the ESO Launcher. We've explained how players can get and first start the Prisoner of Fate Prologue Quest in ESO.

Where To Get The Prisoner Of Fate Prologue Quest For ESO?

Developer ZeniMax Online Studios confirmed in the PTS Patch Notes for the upcoming Scions of Ithelia dungeon DLC and Update 41 that the West Weald Prologue Quest, Prisoner of Fate, will be available to playtest. This Prologue Quest can be obtained for free from the Crown Store under the Quest Starters tab on PC or console where they are looking for Prologue Quest: Prisoner of Fate, which will trigger it in-game once it’s been purchased.

elder scrolls online eso quest guide prologue quest prisoner of fate how to get pts launcher crown store quest starters tab
The Prisoner of Fate Prologue Quest is accessed from the Crown Store via the PTS for The Elder Scrolls Online. (Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios)

This quest requires players to have the base game or currently own it via Xbox Game Pass before they can start progressing with the Prologue Quest. Additionally, players are reminded to update the game via the ESO PTS launcher to have access to playtest the quest ahead of Update 41’s release.

How To Start The Prisoner Of Fate Prologue Quest In ESO?

After acquiring the Prologue Quest: Prisoner of Fate from the Crown Store, players will receive a quest item, a Letter from Leramil the Wise. There have been posts on the official ESO Forum page that the Prologue Quest has been bugged, preventing players from acquiring it as it’s reported not to be in its found location or when the quest ends, which we’ll update this page for more supporting information.

Players who’ve obtained the quest item must journey to Elden Root, Mournhold, or Wayrest, depending on what Alliance they’ve selected at the start of the game. Traveling to either location is where they’ll find one of Leramil’s allies, Galsa-Baru, where they will be in pursuit of Torvesard, a Scion of Ithelia, a Forgotten Daedric Prince.

This Prologue Quest will inform players of the events between the Daedric Princes, which could lead to cataclysmic events in the Scions of Ithelia DLC and possibly the Gold Road Chapter. They’ll also be seeking out a specific item, The Nine Corusations Volume I, which to prevent spoilers, that will reveal damning information before finding Torvesard towards the end of the quest.

As it stands, this Prologue Quest is currently bugged, where many players cannot begin or continue the quest. Likewise, we will update this guide once the developer patches the quest, allowing players to start or continue the Prisoner of Fate Prologue Quest for ESO.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Scions of Ithelia launches on PC and Mac on 11th March 2024 and for PlayStation and Xbox on 26th March 2024. The Gold Road Chapter is available to pre-purchase now for PC, Mac, PlayStation, and Xbox ahead of its global launch.