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ESO Housing Shadow Queen's Labyrinth Home: How To Get, Location & Furnishing Cap

Inspired by the wanderlust of Summerset, the Shadow Queen's Labyrinth Home is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online, so here's how to get it.
ESO Housing Shadow Queen's Labyrinth Home: How To Get, Location & Furnishing Cap

The Elder Scrolls Housing System will grow with the Update 39 base game patch launch, which is live for playtesting. As this requires you to install the Public Test Server (PTS) environment, you can explore in-game the new homes coming soon, including the Shadow Queen's Labyrinth.

Situated near the epicenter of the Brass Fortress in Clockwork City, this stunning home is primarily inspired by many of the homes you have encountered in the Summerset Isles. Regardless, we've detailed how you can acquire this home, its location, and its furnishing cap for ESO.

How To Get The Shadow Queen's Labyrinth Home In ESO?

The Shadow Queen's Labyrinth Home is a new housing option arriving soon in The Elder Scrolls Online in Update 39. According to the developer, this ethereal home is live for playtesting through the PTS servers, which means it's not available to acquire until the update's launch, meaning it can be previewed in the meantime.

elder scrolls online housing guide shadow queens labyrinth how to get crown store
Players can purchase the Shadow Queen's Labyrinth home directly from the Crown Store, with pricing to be confirmed. (Picture: Futerko / The Elder Scrolls Online Forums)

To acquire this home once it becomes available in-game, the developer noted that it will be made purchasable from the Crown Store; however, its pricing has yet to be discovered. If you're interested in what the home possesses, you can read its official in-game description provided by the developer:

A winding maze dominates the grounds of this twilight-enshrouded estate, creating endless opportunities to perplex visitors. The visceral awe evoked by Nocturnal's Evergloam skies provides an exquisite contrast to the spacious, Summerset-inspired home.

Where To Find The Shadow Queen's Labyrinth Home In ESO?

If you're still impressed with this home's enchanting appeal, this home can be found in the Clockwork City zone, so if you do have the Clockwork City DLC, this Housing option can become available to you. Players who don't have the DLC, as mentioned earlier, can acquire it from the Crown Store, as it does require the base game as its requirement.

elder scrolls online housing guide shadow queens labyrinth where to find location clockwork city brass fortress
The ethereal Shadow Queen's Labyrinth is located within the confines of the Brass Fortress in Clockwork City. (Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios)

You must head to the Brass Fortress by traveling to the Brass Fortress Wayshrine or the Clockwork Crossroads Wayshrine if you have yet to discover the Brass Fortress. Once inside the fortress, locate the local inn, The Cloisters, and head southeast and cross the bridge to find the new home.

What Is The Shadow Queen's Labyrinth Home's Furnishing Cap In ESO?

Like the Kelesan'ruh Home in the Telvanni Peninsula and every other Housing option players can acquire in-game, the furnishing cap as of writing is at 700. This excludes Special and Collectible Furnishings and Special Collectibles, all with separate cap limits.

The reasoning behind the low furnishing cap is a result of ZeniMax's ongoing support for last-gen consoles, which has its technical limitations when the game load. This extends to PC, for which many players expressed that since console and PC have separate Megaservers due to crossplay not being supported, this should be increased exclusively for PC, but for now, 700 furnishings is what you're limited to.