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Esports orgs stand in solidarity with Ukraine amid Russian hostility

Notable esports organisations worldwide are banding together to condemn Russia's assault on Ukrainian democracy.
Esports orgs stand in solidarity with Ukraine amid Russian hostility

Several prominent esports organisations have united, standing in solidarity with Ukraine after Russian military troops stormed the Ukrainian border, launching a devastating assault on the country by air, land and sea.

The invasion began in the early hours of 24th February 2022 and has been widely condemned by world leaders and citizens alike. Russia's aggression was reportedly premeditated after months of rising tension in the region.

According to President Putin, Russia necessitated an aggressive response for the "demilitarisation and de-Nazification" of Ukraine, claims that were not evidence-based. As a result, explosions are being felt across major Ukrainian cities, housing close to 44 million innocent people.

Esports orgs unite, condemn Russia's hostility toward Ukraine

Following the attacks, Ukraine-based esports organisation Natus Vincere issued a statement, writing, "Russia attacked Ukraine. And now, there are hostilities that take human lives and destroy actual destinies on the territory of our country. It is impossible that during this war, we pretend that everything is okay. We are devastated."

natus vincere condemns russia ukraine invasion esports
Ukraine-based esports organisation Natus Vincere condemns Russian hostilities. (Picture: Twitter)

The statement continued, "Our main goal right now is to try to stay calm and take care of ourselves, our loved ones and those who need help. We are all together in this. And together, we'll get through it."

Followingly, multiple esports giants, including Fnatic, G2 Esports, MIBR, Astralis, Optic Gaming, FaZe Clan, NRG and more have banded together, changing their profile pictures on social media to represent the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

"We stand for peace. We stand with Ukraine. Our thoughts are with the innocent people and families affected by today's attacks," wrote FaZe Clan on Twitter. "We stand with Ukraine and stand for peace," echoed Optic Gaming.

Ukrainian  Counter-Strike pro player, Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, shared his thoughts, decrying the assault and calling for peace. "I'm tired of this news," he said. The esports pro begged Russia to call off the attack in a separate tweet. "Please, please stop; I can't do this anymore. We all need peace."

These sentiments are being reciprocated by millions of people globally, many rallying behind Ukraine by protest, from Japan to the United States. Russian citizens have also taken to the streets of Moscow and St Petersburg, calling for an end to the assault, with thousands reportedly being detained or arrested.

Russians take to the streets of Moscow in protest against Ukraine invasion.
Russians take to the streets of Moscow in protest against the Ukraine invasion. (Picture: Denis Kaminev /AP Photo via Aljazeera)

If you feel compelled to contribute toward humanitarian relief in Ukraine, you can donate to the Save Life charity via this link.

We stand with Ukraine in what is arguably the darkest period in recent history and outright condemn the absurd, inhumane attack on Ukrainian democracy and its people.


Featured image courtesy of Twitter / Jake Lucky.