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Gaming, tournament platform XY Gaming rebrands to Repeat.gg

After a successful round of fundraising, one of the world’s largest global esports gaming and tournament platform XY Gaming has decided to officially rebrand to Repeat.gg as the company sets off on its path to being the top tournament platform for gamers.

The online tournament platform recently secured new investments, allowing the company to expand heading into 2020. Among the many changes to come, fans will now see the platform with a new logo and a redesigned website, while the company will also look to double the size of their internal team in the coming months.

The overall growth, however, extends well beyond that as Repeat also announced that they will be increasing the amount of games that will be available to play via its online platform, with Fortnite being among the first.

The newly-refurbished company also announced new tournament modes including custom tournaments for community, influencers, regions, and ranks, including tournaments specific to certain characters or play-styles. Repeat will also increase the functionality of their website and expand their support team to include 24/7 availability within six months.

The announcement comes after Fortnite developer Epic Games promised earlier this year that the developer plans to increase its prizes into the esports scene by $100 million, while also including more weekly competition and bigger international events such as Fortnite World Cup.

With Repeat making Fortnite one of the first games to be available on the new platform, the company will look to capitalize on the increasing success of the game. Repeat also intends to increase the amount of regular tournaments and competitions with cash prize pools while also offering more free-to-play competitions for players who are new to the platform.

For fans of the previously named XY Gaming platform, if you have already signed up to compete in tournaments through XY Gaming, all coins will be transferred to the new platform and your accounts will remained linked to all of your preferred games.