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Nadeshot baby "clickbait" reveals people can't even be bothered to watch a YouTube video anymore

The 100 Thieves CEO sent the gaming community into a dizzy with a YouTube thumbnail that suggested he and his girlfriend were expecting a baby.
Nadeshot baby "clickbait" reveals people can't even be bothered to watch a YouTube video anymore

It will go down as a lesson in how people simply read the headline but not the article, or in this case see a thumbnail and make a lot of assumptions.

Though perhaps you can hardly blame people as Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag did everything possible to trick his audience with a YouTube video called "our family is growing by 1" and a thumbnail that pictured Nadeshot side-by-side with his partner hands on her belly like a proud father-to-be.

It's safe to say the title and image had his Twitter followers falling over themselves to congratulate on him on his new "baby" which would be a lovely gesture but a mini-Nadeshot wasn't on the way - the only thing he, and his girlfriend of over a year, was adding to the family was... a dog. A mini-gpldendoodle called Gary if you must know.

Oh and Nadeshot dyed dyed his hair.

Nadeshot baby clickbait video
(Picture: Nadeshot)

But all that didn't matter as the bait was well and truly taken with even esport rivals crossing the aisle to congraluate Nadeshot on his big news.

FaZe Banks, who to be fair to Nadeshot has never struck me as the most dilligent consumer, jumped straight in, offering mini-Nadeshot a spot on the FaZe Clan roster.

"No fucking way, that’s amazing. Congrats Matt.," Banks, real name Richard Bengston. "Might have to recruit the little motherfucker to FaZe though, so you better get em on contract the second he’s born."

It wasn't just frenemies he tricked though with frequent Warzone buddy Timothy "Timthetatman" John Betar seeming to be lost for words with a simple: "wait hold up".

The baby news wasn't the only clickbait thing about the thumbnail with eager eye viewers realising that Nadehshot's dyed blonde hair had also been photoshopped to a purple hue.

NAdeshot blonde hair
(Picture: Nadeshot)

As the true content of the video came to light, and perhaps realising what he had set in motion, Nadeshot put out another video on Twitter where he is seen laughing at the reaction and conceeding he may have went "too far" with the clickbait.

Nadeshot would delete the video within the hour of putting it up but there it is for prosperity.

So there you have it... a little lesson in how you should probably watch whatever video someone is putting out before passing comment, and never, ever trust a YouTube thumbnail.