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NICKMERCS shows off wedding photos as fellow streamers send best wishes

The mega popular streamer described it as the best day of his life.
NICKMERCS shows off wedding photos as fellow streamers send best wishes

Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff has thanked his streamer friends and millions of fans as messages of congratulations came pouring in after he posted his wedding photos on Instagram and Twitter.

The hardworking streamer had taken a long weekend off to marry his longtime girlfriend with the wedding taking place on Saturday, 10th of October.

If the Instragram location tagging is to believed he didn't go far staying in his home state, Michigan and marrying in the picture-esque surroundings of Traverse City home to a number of wineries and ample coastline.

The release of these photos is quite unlike the usually guraded Nick who attempts to keep his private life out of the spotlight.

Even the name of his girlfriend, who he has been with for a number of years, is not known though he has in the past called her "Emumita Bonita".

What we can reveal though is that fellow streamer Ali “SypherPK” Hassan was in attendence with the two having a relationship that goes back to 2018 when Fortnite took over the world and made stars of some of its players.

It is perhaps because of his usual guardnesses that when he did post the photos messages of congratulations and well wishes came pouring in from the Twitch gaming community with Nate Hill, TimTheatman. Dr Lupo and his org FaZe Clan among thousands who sent their love.

All the messages plus what must have been an emotional weekend clearly reached Nick as he expressed his gratitude on Twitter.

"What an overwhelming amount of love. Can’t respond to everybody but just know that we appreciate your energy!"

And of course like the grinder he his he also revealed that he would be back to streaming on the 13th October with any talk of a honeymoon, at least immediately following the wedding, the last thing on his mind.

This caps what has been an eventual year for NICKMERCS. He exploded in popularity around the release of Call of Duty: Warzone and now boasts over 4M followers on Twitch putting him in the top 20 most popular streamers on the platform.

He built up his MFAM group, the name for his millions of fans, into something more than a moniker, hosting officially sanctioned tournaments in Warzone.

He also moved back home to Michigan after intitally setting off for LA to grow his streaming career as part of 100 Thieves.

That LA move didn't quite work out but things certainly seem to have turned out all right for Nick.

Now with FaZe Clan, a deal which he renewed some weeks ago, he recently moved into a brand new mansion which he shares with his now wife and two dogs and which has one of the most ridiculous gaming/streaming setup we have ever seen.

What next for NICKMERCS then? A couple of "Timmys" and "Billys"? Watch this space.