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Rogue reveals new look ahead of LEC season

After a year where they exceeded everyone's expectations, Rogue has presented its new look logo.
Rogue reveals new look ahead of LEC season

2020 was a year that brought big surprises in all the regional League of Legends leagues, concluding with the victory of Korea's DAMWON Gaming, at Worlds.

One of the surprise packages was Rogue, belonging to the LEC and against all the odds managed to excel throughout the past year, finishing first in the group stage of the Summer Split, third in the Playoffs, and securing qualification to Worlds for the first time.

It is with this history and results that Rogue has today presented its new brand, showing its preparation to compete in the next LEC split, which will begin on 22nd January.

Boasting a more modern and sleek design, the new logo stands out by eliminating unnecessary details, such as the orange flash or the blonde hair under the hoodie. And instead, the orange has been relocated in the rogue's eyes, standing out like the expectation of an assassin waiting on the prowl.

According to Anna Baumann, Vice President of Esports at ReKTGlobal: "With the boom we had last year, we felt this was the right time to reimagine the Rogue brand."

“This process was exciting. We know what the love and passion our brand has for our fans is like, so we have worked hard to maintain the essence of the Rogue logo while modernizing it”, concluded Baumann.

With the days numbered until the start of the LEC, both Rogue and the other franchise teams are preparing to begin the new competitive season, marked by many changes to the metagame and big announcements regarding transfers.