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Does Fall Guys Support Cross-Progression?

Fall Guys game is going free-to-play, and many fans wonder if the F2P version has cross-progression or not.
Does Fall Guys Support Cross-Progression?

The adorable battle royal, Fall Guys, is going free-to-play (F2P) on 21st June 2022. Mediatonic, the developer behind the game, recently announced its plans for the 2020's breakout hit, including Fall Guys becoming a free game and details regarding its rebooted new upcoming Season.

Following this announcement, it seems Fall Guys is adapting the F2P live service model like Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, and many other games in the genre. As such, fans might be wondering if this upcoming iteration of the game supports cross-progression across various platforms or not.

Will Fall Guys (Free Version) Support Cross Progression?

fall guys cross progression
The free-to-play version of Fall Guys will have cross-progression across all platforms. (Picture: Mediatonic)

Fortunately, the free version of Fall Guys will support cross progression across Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox devices. This will be in addition to the cross-play support the game will receive across all the platforms mentioned above. 

Here's the official blurb from the Fall Guys' website: "Cross-play and cross-progression also mean you’ll now be able to form a party with your friends regardless of whether they’re playing on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch!"

As mentioned before, the Fall Guys Seasonal content is getting a reboot, with the latest Season being referred to as Season 1. To commemorate the upcoming launch, Mediatonic is giving existing players a legacy pack that contains the new Battle Pass, a nickname, a nameplate, the Regal, Veggie Dog, and Feisty Dwarf.

fall guys legacy pack
Existing Fall Guys players will get a legacy pack for free. (Picture: Mediatonic)

New players can buy the Season 1 Battle Pass with Fall Guy's new in-game currency, Show-Bucks. Legacy players who still have the old currency, Kudos, left in their accounts can also use it to purchase in-game items. 

Interestingly, the Falls Guys game is getting a Halo crossover later this month with a Spartan Showdown limited-time event, so fans should have a lot to look forward to. 

In the meantime, players can head up to Fall Guy's official website and pre-register the game. Mediatonic is giving free rewards to players who pre-register for the upcoming F2P version of Fall Guys. These are rewards for the different pre-registration milestones met for the upcoming launch.

  • 500,000 - Keen Bean Nameplate
  • 1,000,000 - 3,500 Kudos
  • 1,500,000 - Burgers Pattern
  • 2,000,000 -Muscleman Emote
  • 2,500,000 - Melonhead Costume 

At the time of this writing, Falls Guys already had 500,000 pre-registrations, which means players are guaranteed to receive the Keen Bean Nameplate come launch. 

That concludes our guide on the cross-progression status of the upcoming free-to-play launch of Falls Guys. 

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Featured image courtesy of Mediatonic.