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There's a new Fall Guys 'feature' that you'll probably never see

Fall Guys devs have allegedly snuck in a new feature that randomly spawns in its wacky battle royale game, but most people won’t ever see it occur.
There's a new Fall Guys 'feature' that you'll probably never see

As part of the latest Fall Guys update, it seems that developer Mediatonic has snuck in a new, secret easter egg that has a very low chance of spawning. At the start of a level, there’s now a chance for hundreds of Mediatonic-themed Fall Guys to all spawn, alongside the players.




These colourful jelly beans are half-red and half-green in a very festive pattern and are emblazoned with the company’s logo. They don’t do an awful lot, instead just lying motionless in the starting area, but it’s a nice shout out from Mediatonic to themselves.

Fall Guys Secret feature or bug?
(Picture: PrinxesTi)

Streamer PrinxesTi posted to the Fall Guys Twitter after discovering the secret update, apologising for having possibly broken the game. Interestingly, it seems that the Mediatonic social media lead may not have been in the loop, as they seem shocked by the development.




This makes us think that perhaps it isn’t such a secret feature after all, and instead an unintended glitch that the user discovered. Senior Community Manager, Oliver Age 24, is being as tricky as ever, and won’t reveal the full truth, but a recent tweet does indicate that the Mediatonic jelly bean spawns are more likely to be an actual bug.




Fans all have their own opinions regarding the bug, but the festive colouring does indicate the possibility of a future Christmas update. These Mediatonic emblem jelly beans have been seen before, and still feature on some loading screens in the game, just not in this colour-scheme.

Whether there’s a second randomly-spawning feature in the game or not, Mediatonic did recently add one new random element to their game, in the form of Big Yeetus. We hope that one day, Big Yeetus and the Mediatonic beans can meet on the battlefield for a random event of epic proportions.