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Fall Guys Guide: How to win at Rock ‘N’ Roll

With Fall Guys being the latest and greatest battle royale on the scene, here’s how to make sure you qualify in the Rock ‘N’ Roll round.
Fall Guys Guide: How to win at Rock ‘N’ Roll

Now that Fall Guys has finally released, over 1.5 million players have entered the fight for first place in the wacky battle royale-style game. Playing a series of minigames with the aim to be the last jellybean standing at the end of it all, there’s a lot to learn if you want to be the best. Here’s how to win at Rock ‘N’ Roll.

How to win Rock ‘N’ Roll

This team game will have 3 squads facing off against each other in a ball-rolling challenge that only 2 can succeed in. The goal is to push your ball to the end of the stage, sending into the goal at the end, but those hoping for a little chance for sabotage are in luck.

To begin, players will have to push their giant ball through 3 identical obstacle courses, with the winner making it onto the final ramp first. Do your best to coordinate with your team, rolling the ball in a zig-zag pattern. Once you’re through this first part, the main challenge begins: descending the last slope.

In this ramped section, players can interfere with each other’s ball, holding it back or pushing it off to the side. See what your team members are doing here, because you’ll need some members guiding your own ball and around half targeting one of the other team’s. There’s no sense in splitting your forces to hold both other teams back, so try and work together.

Rock n roll fall guys guide
(Picture: Mediatonics)

Of course, it’s hard to communicate this with other Fall Guys, but hopefully, your teammates work it out too. A good tactic to implement is to try and hold another team’s ball to the very top wall of the ramp, making it hard for them to get behind and push.

Some players even make a run for the ramp right from the start of the round, in order to get a small headstart, but too many Fall Guys attempting this will lead to you being last onto the ramp with your own ball.

Quick Tips

  • Don’t target both other teams, just work on stopping the slowest
  • Make sure to have enough pushers on your own ball
  • Holding the opponent’s ball against the top of the ramp makes it tricky for them to get it free

Fall Guys is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC. PlayStation Plus members can download it for free this month.