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Fall Guys Guide: How to win at Roll Out

With Fall Guys being the latest and greatest battle royale on the scene, here’s how to make sure you qualify in the Roll Out round.
Fall Guys Guide: How to win at Roll Out

Now that Fall Guys has finally released, over 1.5 million players have entered the fight for first place in the wacky battle royale-style game. Playing a series of minigames with the aim to be the last jellybean standing at the end of it all, there’s a lot to learn if you want to be the best. Here’s how to win at Roll Out.

How to win Roll Out

Roll Out has the remaining Fall Guys running along with a series of rotating rings, in a survival game that simply has players aiming to outlast the competition. The floor will rotate in varying directions, and all manner of walls, pits, and obstacles will appear to bar your way.

The most obvious way to stay atop the ring you’re standing on is to run in the opposite direction to the way it is rotating. When you’re on a simple platform with no hazards, staying there is most likely the optimal play. Of course, it won’t be long before you’re forced to move.

It’s important to note that it is possible to leap over all gaps in the platforms, especially with the use of the dive, but it is never recommended other than as a last resort. In general, aim to stay on open-spaces or with your back to a wall.

Roll out fall guys guide
(Picture: Mediatonics)

Be careful not to wait too long before making your move to the next ring. Should you end up on the side of the stage, you may find that you’re unable to get back on top. In a game about waiting for other players to drop off the edge, try to stay as safe as possible and let others eliminate themselves.

You can also take a more offensive playstyle if desired, as grabbing other Fall Guys near edges could lead to them dropping from the stage. Just be careful when doing so, as you’ll be unable to move too and the rings won’t let you hang around forever.

Quick Tips

Always keep moving
Try to aim for large, safe platforms rather than risking your life
If you get grabbed, stay calm until released. Don’t flail too much or you may accidentally fall when released.

Fall Guys is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC. PlayStation Plus members can download it for free this month.