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Fall Guys Guide: How to win at The Whirlygig

With Fall Guys being the latest and greatest battle royale on the scene, here’s how to make sure you qualify in The Whirlygig round.
Fall Guys Guide: How to win at The Whirlygig

Now that Fall Guys has finally released, over 1.5 million players have entered the fight for first place in the wacky battle royale-style game. Playing a series of minigames with the aim to be the last jellybean standing at the end of it all, there’s a lot to learn if you want to be the best. Here’s how to win at The Whirlygig.

How to win The Whirlygig

True to its name, The Whirlygig is a round dedicated to twirling, whirling obstacles. This is a race level in three parts, with a series of propellers running across the centre of the stage.

To begin the race, Fall Guys must leap over a series of rotating bars. Some fans have worked out, however, that being hit from behind by these spinning obstacles can lead to being propelled forwards at a fast speed, but this is a risky move that could well lead to you being sent off in an unanticipated direction. Still, pull it off and the time saved is worth the risk.

Next up is the propeller zone, which players can access by either leaping to a large yellow block and jumping onto the platform, or by jumping and pulling themselves up directly with the grab button. If the yellow blocks are too crowded, grabbing the edge becomes a quicker solution.

Whirlygigs Fall Guys guide how to beat whirlygigs
(Picture: YouTube)

Dodge the propellers and you’re onto the final section of the race - and the one that causes the most issues. There are three paths to take here. On your left and right, players will be leaping over more rotating bars. But in the centre, there’s a Hail Mary play that has you boosting up a ramp to shortcut the remainder of the course. 

Doing so requires Fall Guys to pass through a rapidly-spinning fan, and unless you’re far behind, this is definitely not worth chancing it. Getting hit will knock you off stage and you’ll be forced to attempt the jump again or risk elimination.

Quick Tips

  • Slow and steady wins most races… but if you’re already behind then take a risk!
  • The yellow block steps can be overpopulated at times. Many players don’t know that you can simply grab the platform and pull yourself up
  • Allowing the spinning bar to hit you will work to your advantage, but only sometimes

Fall Guys is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC. PlayStation Plus members can download it for free this month.