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Fall Guys Season 5: New stages, limited-time events, skins, and more

The new season of Fall Guys will take players on a wild adventure, through a jungle surrounded by new challenges and great rewards.
Fall Guys Season 5: New stages, limited-time events, skins, and more

Since its launch in 2020, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has become one of the most popular battle royales in the world, which, although it has lost a significant number of users as time progresses, due to many issues that ruined the experience of its community, it has managed to keep up with a fan base who enjoy it every day, along with new themed seasons.

Back in March, Mediatonic and Devolver Digital’s title received its fourth season based on the dystopian future of the year 4041, and now a new challenge will be available shortly with the arrival of its Season 5, with a jungle theme with six new scenarios and a new free Battle Pass with many exclusive rewards to discover.

Fall Guys Season 5: New stages and challenges

As we mentioned before, the central theme will be the jungle, so you can expect environments and rewards inspired by these types of biomes, like the ones you can see in the cinematic trailer below:

If you could notice, the new season of Fall Guys seems to take inspiration from the classic adventures of famous treasure hunters from different franchises, such as Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider, having multiple references to basic elements of this type of adventure, such as the typical map of the treasure marked with a giant X, unexpected chases, ruins to explore and traps to avoid.

Among the stages, you will find are the following:

  • Lily Leapers: A race through the branches to the finish line, filled with dangerous log swings and expanding frogs
  • Stompin Ground: Here you will have to run, dive and dodge to escape from three mechanical rhinos that want to run over you
  • Lost Temple: A new final round where the path to the Crown changes all the time, considered by Mediatonic to be the most ambitious scenario in the game to date
  • Treetop Tumble: Jump from drum to drum while landing perfect landings to the beat of the music
  • Bubble Trouble: Arena divided into five parts, where the beans are thrown at full speed and there are bubbles that explode, so you will have to move in areas full of obstacles to get your ranking
  • Pegwin Pool Party: Catch the penguins that slide down slides, the longer you slide, the more points you will earn

Fall Guys Season 5: Limited-time events and new skins

Mediatonic also confirmed Fall Guys’ Season 5 will feature Limited-Time Events for the first time. According to the studio, these will be events with unique challenges and rewards that you won’t be able to enjoy elsewhere. Likewise, everything seems to indicate these will also be events open to collaborations with other games and brands.

“Each new event will bring a path full of unexpected treasures and riches (well ... weird costumes, gestures, patterns, nameplates, and a few other things). And who knows, maybe we'll also bring in some special guests to help out?,” Mediatonic mentioned about these potential collaborations.

Among some of those known to be in the future is a great crossover with Sony and PlayStation, the platform where the game remains as an exclusive within consoles, and that would bring great characters such as Sackboy, Ratchet, Clank and Astro to the battle royale from Devolver Digital.

This without forgetting the large number of skins that will be available with a jungle theme through the Battle Pass and within the game store, which we will be able to know shortly.

Fall Guys Season 5 skins
(Picture: Mediatonic / Devolver Digital)

Fall Guys Season 5: Changes to Squads Mode

Finally, during Season 4, Mediatonic introduced a new way to play within Fall Guys, allowing up to four random players or within your team to work together to obtain the Crown (or in this case, Crown Pieces) in more flexible and dynamic ways.

Throughout Season 5, Mediatonic will further exploit the Squads feature to introduce new ways to play with your friends. This will be seen with the addition of the limited-time Duos and Trios shows.

In addition, they revealed they will make general improvements to ensure Fall Guys matches go in the best possible way.

Fall Guys Season 5 will be available starting 20th July 2021.

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