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Fall Guys streamer manages to defeat a hacker

The term "cheaters never prosper" has never felt so accurate, as Twitch streamer ConnorEatsPants manages to win against a hacking player in a Fall Guys match.
Fall Guys streamer manages to defeat a hacker

Despite the game launching only a few days ago, it seems that some players simply couldn’t handle not having an unfair advantage in wacky battle royale party game, Fall Guys.

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(Picture: Mediatonic)

During a recent stream, Twitch streamer ConnorEatsPants encountered one such individual, who was making use of a speed-boost hack to ensure that they could best their competition.

In the Grab A Tail minigame, players need to steal a tail from their opponents and hold onto it until the round ends to prevent elimination. Obviously this becomes significantly easier when you can boost away from your competition at super-speed, but ConnorEatsPants refused to give up.

As the hacking player zooms by, the Twitch streamer manages to snatch the tail back, thereby eliminating the cheater from the game. We can only imagine the embarrassment of cheating in such a lighthearted party game and then not even winning the round.

Due to the game’s incredible popularity, this isn’t likely to be the last time we’ll see people hacking the game to secure the upper hand in-game. Once developer Mediatonic has got the title’s server situation a little more stable, banning players like these will start to become a more essential task.

Even without hackers, players are already getting creative in-game, coming up with amazing strategies to eliminate others and give themselves the advantage. Fall Guys might be a fun and light-hearted romp but it’s definitely got its fair share of competitive players. Given time, this might turn into quite the hardcore fanbase.

Fall Guys is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC. PlayStation Plus members can download it for free this month.