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Fall Guys to implement Fortnite's anti-cheat system

In a move that is sure to make the game’s fanbase happy, Fall Guys announces that the game will be adding a new anti-cheat system that is used in major games such as Fortnite.
Fall Guys to implement Fortnite's anti-cheat system

Since shortly after the game’s launch, cheating has been a major issue for Fall Guys fans. Despite the game being a more light-hearted take on the battle royale genre, there are still those that resort to cheating to get their hands on the coveted crowns. 

In a new post on the Fall Guys Twitter, the social media account takes a break from its current robotic personality, Bean Bot, in order to tell fans about a major incoming update.

According to the post, Fall Guys will soon incorporate a brand new anti-cheat system that is sure to help ban those who are abusing third-party software to break the game. The anti-cheat in question is reportedly already in use by big titles such as Fortnite, so it is sure to crack down hard on those breaking the rules.

The update is set to drop in the next couple of weeks, so those who can’t handle defeat don’t have long to wait until their incoming ban. In the past, Fall Guys has asked fans to stop sharing clips of cheaters, informing users that a lot of hackers are being banned each day.

Given that cheating is still a major issue, particularly for PC players of the game, there must be a lot more willing to break the rules than the developers had initially imagined. It seems weird that people would resort to hacking in such a fun party game, but it goes to show that some people will always find fun in ruining the experience for others, no matter the platform.