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Fortnite x Fall Guys Crown Clash - All Challenges And Rewards

Wondering how to get all prizes from Fortnite x Fall Guys Crown Clash? In this article, we'll go over how to complete all challenges and get the rewards.
Fortnite x Fall Guys Crown Clash - All Challenges And Rewards

Epic Games has created a crossover event between Fortnite and Fall Guys called Fall Guys Crown Clash, enabling players in both games to obtain items, skins, and other unique rewards for completing challenges. 

The Fall Guys Crown Clash challenges allow players to earn prizes in Fortnite for completing quests in Fall Guys. 

Here is every Fall Guys Crown Clash challenge, and the rewards that come with completing them during the limited-time event. 

Fall Guys Crown Clash - Challenges & rewards

Fall Guys Fornite Clash crossover
Players can earn rewards in Fortnite for playing Fall Guys. (Picture: Epic Games)

Fall Guys Crown Clash challenges only require players to play Fall Guys, not Fortnite, but players will earn cosmetics for the latter game.

By completing the following challenges in Fall Guys, players can earn cosmetic rewards in Fortnite.

  • Play 10 rounds in any show – Stacked spray in Fortnite
  • Play 20 rounds in any show – Stacked With Love emoticon in Fortnite
  • Play 40 rounds in any show – Sweet Clementine pickaxe in Fortnite
  • Play 70 rounds in any show – Waffler back bling in Fortnite
  • Play 100 rounds in any show – Major Mancake skin in Fortnite

The Major Mancake skin is the ultimate reward, and it's one that most players will appreciate. It's a unique skin with a fun look that stands out, perfect as a reward for playing 100 rounds of Fall Guys. 

How to complete Fall Guys Crown Clash challenges

Major Mancake Fortnite Fall Guys Crown Clash
The Major Mancake skin is one of the rewards in Fortnite for Fall Guys Crown Clash. (Picture: Epic Games)

To earn the rewards for Fall Guys Crown Clash, all players have to do is play rounds in a show in Fall Guys, so no special tasks are required.

In other words, players can earn prizes in Fortnite just for playing more Fall Guys. Fall Guys players will also earn Kudos for completing the challenges. This is a great little bonus for players of both battle royale games who are participating in the event.

Fall Guys Crown Clash starts 29th June and ends 11th July, so players have a few weeks to make sure they've earned all the rewards. If you want the Major Mancake skin or any of the other prizes, be sure you play 100 rounds in any show during the event.

And that's all. For more Fall Guys guides, news, leaks, tips, and guides, be sure to check out our dedicated section.


Featured image courtesy of Mediatonic.