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How to create a Private Lobby in Fall Guys

Wondering how to create a private lobby in Fall Guys? We'll provide you with a detailed breakdown of steps to creating custom matches.
How to create a Private Lobby in Fall Guys

After weeks of anticipation, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has finally gone free-to-play on the Epic Games store. The game features a handful of different modes, including custom matches where you and your friends can compete against each other.

However, if you’re new to the game, hosting a private match can be a daunting task for you as there are so many options present on the home screen. Moreover, you may also have a hard time inviting friends to the custom matches. With that in mind, we’ll provide a complete breakdown of steps to create a private lobby in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Fall Guys – How to create a private lobby

Fall Guys create private lobby
Follow along with our guide for creating private matches in Fall Guys. (Picture: Mediatonic)

To create a custom match in Fall Guys, press (X on Xbox/ Square on PlayStation/ Y on Switch) to bring the show selector menu on the screen. If you’re playing on PC, simply click on the ‘Game Mode’ option located in the bottom right corner of the screen. From there, head to the ‘Custom Shows’ tab and click on Host.

Hit the Confirm to create the private lobby in the Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout. On the next screen, you will see an invitation code upon pressing press X/ Square/ Y button. Finally, share this five-letter code with your friends and ask them to join your custom match.

How to join private lobby in Fall Guys

Fall Guys join private match screen
Joining a Private Match in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. (Picture: Mediatonic)

If you want to join a private lobby in Fall Guys, select Join instead of Host in the Custom Shows tab. Enter the five-letter code when prompted, and you will join the private match instantly. Before hosting a private lobby, it’s worth noting that a maximum of 60 players can join custom games in Fall Guys.

At the time of writing this article, custom lobbies have been temporarily disabled due to server issues. Luckily, Mediatonic has confirmed that it will be re-enabled soon once the devs figure out a fix for it.

So there you have it, an essential guide on creating private matches in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

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Featured image courtesy of Mediatonic.