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Who is TheFallenOne? Fall Guys best player remains a mystery

Fall Guys social media team is at it again - gifting a as yet unreleased costume to the best player in the game dubbed TheFallenOne - but who is it?
Who is TheFallenOne? Fall Guys best player remains a mystery

Fall Guys has done a stellar job on the social media front, funny, onbrand and with their finger on the pulse, it wouldn't be too far to suggest that the world and image they are contributing on Twitter specifically has become an extension of the game itself.

First we had the hype around TimTheTatman's search for his first crown. Amplified by Fall Guys' socials the it became a mini-event with over 300,000 people tuning in to watch him secure that long-awaited victory. That was followed by the proclamation that the Yellow team was set to be deleted from the game if the official Twitter account could get 1 million retweets.

Then there was the bidding war for a unique Fall Guys costume which has seen Ninja, MrBeast, and G2 esports drop huge offers. TUSHY Bidet, a company that specialises in bidet's funnily enough is currently the highest bidder with an offer of $420,069.69. All the money is to go to Special Effect, a UK based charity that helps gamers with physical disabilities game.

And now we have TheFallenOne - with has seen the Fall Guys developers give one player, statistically the best in the game, a custome that won't be released until Saturday.

TheFallenOne Fall Guys who is the Fall Guys the fallen one
Fall Guys cosmetics have been one of the most alluring aspects of the game. (Picture: Mediatonic)

So who is it? We don't know! Fall Guys is asking every player to jump in and check if they have the skin. I know it isn't me, I don't have one crown yet and consider the team rounds practically a lottery and no I am not bitter.

Such is the strength of their social media presence that TheFallenOne immediately began trending, but as of yet, no player has succesfully proven that they are in fact the best player in the game.

The social team claims to have no idea who this player is and are asking everyone who plays to keep an eye out for TheFallenOne.

We also know it is very unlikely to be TimTheTatman, but you'd think someone would claim it. The best player in the game, is surely playing the game? The mystery remains unresolved but expect to see streamers capitalize on the search until Saturday creating another hype machine.

So even if we don't find out who is TheFallenOne before the costume's release on Saturday, the team at Fall Guys will surely be celebrating getting another crown.